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Monster Buddy Takes a Bow Palisade fence deterrent
Steelway Fensecure’s palisade fencing offers a strong visual deterrent to possible trespassers.
Its sturdy construction creates a strong physical barrier that is tough to break down.
The lack of footholds and with sharp edges they are hard to climb.
This style of fencing also offers relatively low maintenance.
An array of applications can benefit from palisade fencing including local authorities, education facilities, sports departments, theme parks and caravan parks.
Steelway Fensecure’s Palisade fencing is available in General Purpose (GP) and Security Purpose (SP) specifications.
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 New from Leafield Environmental are the friendly Monster Buddies... cheerful waste collection bins that eat enormous amounts of waste and simply refuse to be overlooked.
Produced in highly durable, easy to clean polyethylene, these exciting new character bins are ideal for use in school classrooms, playgrounds, leisure centres and theme parks and are already gaining traction.
Designed in pastel blue or purple and standing just short of a metre tall, Monster Buddies have a huge capacity of 100 litres when used with the optional plastic liner or 120 litres when used with a plastic sack. They are equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Monster Buddies are a great
way of encouraging children
to dispose of their litter in
the proper manner. The bright colours and novel, fun design will capture children’s imaginations and their perpetual smile will brighten any day.
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