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  Outdoor excellence
Holme Grange School, Berkshire, has received two National Awards – ‘Best Use of the School Farm in the Curriculum 2018’ and ‘Best School Farms Project 2018’ from The School Farms Network Education Alliance.
The School Farm Awards 2018 are designed to celebrate and recognise the achievements of school farms, their schools and students from across the country. For 2018 there were 7 award categories and out of an impressive field of submissions, 17 schools were shortlisted and invited to the ceremony to find out if they had won the coveted winners’ plaques. Holme Grange was delighted to walk away with 2 prestigious awards at this event.
Two Holme Grange students along with Estates Manager Mr R C Plumpton and Head teacher Mrs C Robinson attended the awards ceremony at
The Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester to collect the awards. The ‘Best School Farms Project 2018’ was won in conjunction with Junior Pig Club for the work with rare breed pigs.
Earlier in the year Holme Grange hosted a Conference for other schools to share best practice.
Whole school hike
Every student (from ages 6-18) at Gordonstoun School, Moray, took part in a whole school hike at the end of last term, taking in the beautiful local countryside and stunning beaches. There were three routes; Gold route 20 miles, Silver route, 12 miles or Bronze route, 9 miles, with all the routes ending at the school’s 200 acre woodland campus.
05 ‘Biggest Threat to Independent Schools
is becoming a social pariah’
06 HowHeadsCanStayRelevant
to everyday school life
14 Word of Mouth Marketing
do and don’t guidelines
20 Orienteering
exercise & fun for all
24 TeachingVitalSkillsForLife
in a fast-changing jobs market
28 Profile
in conversation with Stephen Oliver
32 CurtainUpontheFringe
taking a school show to Edinburgh
40 TransformingClassroomsintoCreativeSpaces
head tells of remarkable results
44 Examination Results
how the independent sector fared this year
50 Return to Boarding
at 800-year old school
52 HeadsatNo.10
to discuss partnerships & community involvement
08 Changing Faces...Changing Places
10 Safeguarding - challenges loom
11 Administration & Management Focus Feature
20 Sport Focus Feature
26 Gambling - helping schools encourage responsibility 32 Music, Drama, & Dance Focus Feature
41 School Travel Focus Feature
46 GDST Summit Conference
47 Home Stay for international pupils at day schools 49 #parentsdecide initiative
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