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IAS Advance can help you record, track and analyse pupils’ attainment and progress
   What exactly is IAS Advance?
IAS Advance is a young software company providing sophisticated solutions for educators. Formed in 2015, IAS’ origins started much earlier when school governor Matthew Young, after numerous conversations with
his teacher wife, learnt about the frustrations faced by teachers and senior management
in recording, tracking and analysing pupil attainment and progress whilst still trying to focus on teaching. Bringing together talented people from a variety of sectors including intelligence services, logistics, network solutions, cyber security, game development and of course education, the IAS Advance team has a unique skillset.
Working with primary and secondary schools across the UK; we have quickly developed an assessment software suite made up of data collection, reporting and analysis modules that enables schools to easily enter data and compare the pupil’s current attainment with age related expectations, assess performance and track progress over a period i.e. a term, a year or whole Key Stage, allows teachers to easily access the data for lesson planning, and senior leaders to quickly produce both attainment and “value added” reports to prepare for and satisfy inspection visits.
What can IAS Advance offer schools within the independent sector?
Our existing assessment software suite gives educators a greater insight into attainment without compromising on ease of use. Teachers record attainment data with an easy to use data collection app, and can then analyse data with our powerful analysis software. In addition, it is possible to record evidence of pupil attainment in image, audio
or video formats and our latest module gives pupils and teachers the ability to add comments to those pieces of evidence. Teachers can also flag pieces of pupil’s work for their parents to view via the IAS View Mobile app.
However, what we are really excited about
is offering independent schools the unique opportunity to work in partnership with professional software developers and data analysts to build bespoke systems tailored
to each school’s unique needs rather than settling for a “best fit” off the shelf solution.
From simple tools allowing you to analyse existing data, to full assessment and analysis systems and even MIS projects, IAS Advance are offering to develop your bespoke software to specifications we agree in partnership completely free of charge. This customisation includes assessment frameworks, all analysis and data visualisation reports (including those designed for parents), user interface and even platform availability. In fact, we’re confident that we can develop systems to any needs, no matter how specialised they are.
At IAS, our mission is to ensure that children and young adults in independent schools and colleges at home or overseas benefit from the provision of world class bespoke analysis and reporting systems, helping you provide them with a solid foundation to flourish in later years.
What about security?
Data security is an important and core element of the IAS Advance software suite. We are proud to say that we are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, meaning that you can have confidence in our ability to keep your data safe. All data processed by IAS Advance
is encrypted in transit and at rest, and user access is strictly controlled. Data is stored in EU based ISO27001 compliant data centres, and no data is ever kept locally on devices. Once you log off, there’s no way of using your device to access your data without the correct login details.
What’s coming next?
Software development continues, and we have several projects in the planning including a Management Information System (MIS), watch this space for more information.
Also, in September we will be launching the new IAS Advance digital literacy competition for schools. It’s designed to allow teachers to help pupils with curriculum-based IT design work within school time or as an interactive activity at STEM after-school clubs. It offers pupils the opportunity to design their own game and build a small demo of a gameplay aspect using Scratch or an equivalent tool.
In addition to the prizes on offer for the winning team members, the game will
be developed by our software team and launched on Google, Apple and Windows. Once created the game will be available to download and purchase, with a % of the revenue being donated to their school.
The innovative suite of software packages from IAS Advance is discussed with Andrew Bramhall (Managing Director) and Matthew Young (Product Development Director).
 How can we find out more?
To find out more about IAS Advance software suite visit www.iasadvance. net or you can call us on 0333 305 6567 to arrange a demonstration of the software or drop by Stand 21-22 at The National Education Show at Cardiff City Hall on Friday 16th November 2018.
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