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  Faye Mingo is Marketing Director at UK-wide parenting resource and digital marketing specialist, Families Online (www.
engagement with your school as a brand. You can also create an open social page for the world to see but also closed groups where only those who follow you can see the activity. Having an active and regularly updated social page of generic news as well as closed groups by age or interest can be very effective and can control any negative comments from going viral.
• Facilitate an open dialogue – make it as easy as possible for your school’s advocates to push recommendations across any channel, create a forum on social media, a space on the website
to leave a testimonial. Focus efforts on engaging them in an environment they are comfortable and familiar with, not just where you want them to be.
• Don’t incentivise feedback or praise – you want your brand advocates to be authentic and not to be seen as only recommending your school because there is some kind of reward in it for them.
• Don’t use a stop/start approach. You need to be consistent with your dialogue so that parents
see your school as a regular
go to place for updates, then engagement will follow.
• Don’t do nothing – if your audience is reaching out and giving feedback, listen and take action, don’t ignore them.
• Don’t take a generalist approach – one size doesn’t fit all and
in order to engage, facilitate word of mouth and build brand advocates you have to tailor your communications and efforts accordingly.
• Don’t be afraid – test, learn and adjust is a good motto. But when you fail, be prepared to learn fast so you can make the necessary changes to build on future success.
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Looking to manage files, storage, GDPR and consent forms?
Key issues in education resolved by Chorus
Chorus is the next-generation digital media library for schools that mirrors the way you work and is extremely user-friendly. Designed around the people who use it, Chorus provides quick and easy access to approved digital files; logos, images, video and corporate templates.
You can organise, tag, find, share, upload and download all your digital files quickly, easily and securely.
File Management:
Key issues for Education Chorus can help with:
• storing the growing number of files including:
– archives
– marketing media, press work
and collateral
– content to manage alumni
– video evidence for assessment
• securely manage student portfolio to other educational establishments and future employees
• content management for Governors
• adhering to and managing GDPR, consent forms and other privacy policies
• the increasing need and rising cost of storage and back-up
• system security, reliability and
integration with other software.
Centralising image
archives and digital files
Chorus can resolve the issue of uncoordinated file storage by providing a platform on which to archive, manage and centralise all digital files. Many schools have extensive image archives as well
as their growing library of current visual content, and increasingly have the need to provide further functionality so they can distribute, re-purpose and re-use those files in line with current legislation.
GDPR and personal data
Chorus was developed with GDPR in mind. Key features you can use to help remain compliant are:
• setting the Site Terms and Conditions to ensure that your users provide consent for you to process their personal data
• using expiry dates and embargo dates, which protect assets in your system from accidental use outside a specific date range
• setting a log retention policy, so that personal data is purged from audit logs after a period of time;
• using workflow tools to approve uploads and downloads;
• using metadata fields to store and manage data and consent forms
• attaching consent forms to images and video, so you can easily see which files you can use and which ones you can’t.
Tagging files with metadata
for easy search and find
Anyone can upload files from anywhere and easily tag files and folders with metadata, so they can be found later, with a simple keyword search. There are no file size limitations and users can upload their files directly or via an FTP. Chorus stores and manages those files and provides access
for everyone, including teachers, marketers, exam officers, parents and pupils.
If your school would benefit from using Chorus, you can sign up for
a 30-day fully featured free trial by visiting where you can also find out more about Chorus and how it can help support your GDPR compliance and manage consent forms. Or please don’t hesitate to
 Leading independent
schools use Third Light
“The software interface is user- friendly, so staff find it easy
to navigate around the system and search for relevant images. It enables us to provide quickly an excellent view of school life to the parents as well as fellow teachers and pupils.”
— Sarah Gowans, Marketing Manager, Bishop’s Stortford College
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