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Teaching Navigation
Emoji Bin Wins
 This new book by Nigel Williams supports the Tutor Training
Course for the National Navigation Award Scheme and complements the NNAS Outdoor Navigation Handbook for Tutors. Tried and tested methods developed by Nigel Williams over 20 years a Head
of Training at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s National Mountain Training Centre.
The contents have been developed to support anyone teaching navigation, in schools and colleges, youth and voluntary organisations or training leaders and instructors in the professional outdoor
sector, saving precious instructor preparation time.
“This handbook helps establish a new way of introducing and teaching navigation. Nigel has inspired hundreds of D of E leaders to use their teaching to develop their own navigation.
When a range of concept designs for new school waste and recycling bins was shown to pupils in the South West, one stood head and shoulders above the rest... The Emoji Bin from Leafield Environmental.
So enthused was Vince Wright, Leafield’s UK and Export Sales Manager that the designs have been realised and the new
bins have been produced and introduced in super-quick time.
The new bins were designed
with emoji faces in order to help younger children identify between recyclable litter... smiley face emoji and landfill waste... sad face emoji, but they have already established their place as ‘happy mixed waste bins’.
“The enthusiasm with which the Emoji bins have been received is very encouraging,” said Wright. “Hopefully they will represent the first steps on a recycling journey
for these younger children and, through the emoji bins, they will learn an environmental lesson that will stay with them for the rest of their lives”
The new Emoji Bins are manufactured entirely from recyclable polyethylene, the bin bodies being manufactured from recycled material. They stand some 80cms high and have a capacity of 60 litres when used with a plastic sack liner or 70 litres when used with the optional moulded plastic liner.
Tel: 01225 816541
 This is a must for anyone teaching navigation to any age group.” Alex Cumming, Assistant Director D of E Award – Scotland.
ISBN: 978185137 6087 Price: £15.00
Published by HARVEY on behalf of the National Navigation Award Scheme.
  Digital Asset Mapping For Improved Service & Maintenance
The Virtual Physics Laboratory
  STANLEY Security, one of the
UK’s leading security providers,
has adopted an innovative asset mapping technology to provide customers with more efficient system maintenance & servicing than ever before.
‘Connected Assets’ is an advanced digital asset mapping technology that enables STANLEY Security
to quickly and easily map out an entire security system and all its individual elements. It allows for detailed additional information to be included, including images of equipment in situ. Using Connected Assets, a visiting STANLEY engineer can now familiarise themselves with a customer’s security system before
attending site and, whilst there,
can quickly locate where specific items are that require servicing. For customers, Connected Assets means an engineer can be on and off site quicker than ever before, making for a more efficient service with minimal disruption.
For STANLEY Security it not only makes for happier customers, but also means STANLEY can make more efficient use of its resources. For example, with a complex site, rather than wait for an engineer who is familiar with that site and its system(s), any available engineer can now be sent fully loaded with the information they need to conduct that service visit.
This is a set of realistic 3D simulations that cover the requirements of the AQA Practical Handbook for A-level Physics. The simulations support the phased approach to experiments from ‘demonstration’ through ‘Practice with support’, to ‘Fluent’. They also support the AQA documented five competencies. The package has been reviewed by the Association for Science Education and has been awarded their Green Tick.
A single-user licence (PC or Mac) is included with the book ‘Advanced Physics Practicals’ available from
Amazon at just £26 and has a five star rating.
This gives your students the opportunity to practice Physics practicals without a laboratory. This means that they can catch-up missed classes due to illness, or revise without needing expensive laboratory time or tuition. Alternatively, use the simulations to instantly demonstrate a Physics principle or technique.
You can see the full-range of experiments included in the Virtual Laboratory on our website at
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