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Recognising the Spirit of Community
A group of dedicated volunteers were honoured for their outstanding and selfless services to the community at the joint Royal Leamington Spa Rotary Club and The Kingsley School Community Awards.
The ceremony, the second joint initiative between the Rotary Club and host The Kingsley School, saw the amount of awards given raised to ten. These were selected from nominations made by Rotary Club members and the school community in a quest to identify the most deserving “unsung heroes”, applying their personal time and energies in the wide
range of voluntary community activities in the area.
Award recipients included Ellie Tait, a Sixth Form student at
The Kingsley School, who after initially volunteering at Scope
in Leamington Spa for her Duke of Edinburgh Award, decided to continue working and has done so for the past 18 months, offering invaluable help.
The event was rounded off by guest speaker Rachael Westgarth, CEO of Round Square, a global network of schools that promotes their six ideals of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure leadership, and service.
Ms Westgarth stressed the importance and positive effect of charity and selfless service, and was particularly impressed by how
many of the The Kingsley School’s pupils are actively working in voluntary roles and charitable activities.
 Pictured: Round Square CEO Rachael Westgarth (left) with Headteacher Heather Owens and Deputy Headteacher Jo Bailey (far right) plus award winners
Get a pen - It is time to put the ‘i’ into your educational world! Tracy Shand
 If you work in the world of education – it’s more than ‘just a job’, but is your job part of your life or running your life? With the current research in wellbeing for all, it is time for you to add one more learning outcome for success – yours.
Your success is based on one thing – YOU, how you act and react. You are building the world for others, but what about you? It is well known that educators live on the extra
mile for others, but take time today to reflect on what that is costing you. Managing your wellbeing means taking time to become your own best friend again. You are an amazing person who works hard
in a lifestyle choice many do not understand. Teaching is the best job in the world but at times it can get in the way of you having the life that you really want. You are at a place today, both personally and professionally, because of the choices that you have made. If there is a problem anywhere else in your life, our good friend emotions kick in and things change. The
day that you wanted to have never happens. The job you love becomes a challenge not a joy. Well, I am not going to continue giving you a lecture on what could have been. It is time for you to experience first-
hand the learning that can rewrite your story for the future. It is time to become a student of your world! Are you ready?
Grab a pen armed with the curious nature you had as child and let’s go. Do you have a pen yet?
1. Two Words + One Action
It is as simple as that! Actions speak louder than words. To get you started, here are some of my favourites working in education. I am sure you have others.
Not Now – when the senior team release ’a very good idea’.
What if – people would only listen to my ideas.
To be successful, choose two words and one action to improve your tomorrow. Here are some suggestions:
Move Forward to a leadership position in education where I can make a difference.
Action – Download some job descriptions, read some books.
Help me to manage my work life balance.
Action – Write what it looks like and feels like. What one action can you take to begin?
Small or big. Action is still an action. Take one today and then another!
You have 365 days a year, what a lot of ground you can cover!
2. Step back to move forward
They say writing a letter is a lost art. Not today! It is time to go into your time machine.
Write a letter to your 16 year old self. If you want to get in character it is best just to put some old music on rather than change your hairstyle or clothes!
Write a letter to your 60 year old self. Now, what do you want to be able to say?
Put them both away for 24 hours then read them together. What is missing? What one action do you need to start today?
3. Get strategic to build your world
You have dreams but life gets
in the way. You have just lived another ‘academic year’ of your life. Take time to create your own review of the year. List your achievements and learning points to help you move forward. What one action can you take today to build your tomorrow?
It is time to BElieve in YOUrself to achieve success. To be at the best for the young people you work with, you have to put your wellbeing first. Put the ‘i’ back anywhere into your life starting today as you have all the resources to be successful. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
 A published author and thought leader, Tracy’s mission is to put the ‘i’ back into your boarding life. More recently her book Boardingology was reviewed by boarding professionals as ‘motivational and inspirational’ on Amazon.
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