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  Emotional support
Two sixth formers at Derby High School have been appointed as wellbeing ambassadors.
Claudia Attwood, 18 and Sofia Sheikh, 17, recently led a Wellbeing Week at the school.
A team of supporting prefects has also been appointed and all of the girls involved have undergone training in school.
The girls have already carried out a survey to find out how much students know about wellbeing and they have also delivered assemblies on the subject.
Claudia said: “This is the first time we have had wellbeing ambassadors in school and we were both pleased to have been appointed. There is obviously a lot of support in school academically but we have been put in place to add to the emotional support there is for students.
“We want to raise awareness of what wellbeing actually is and help students learn how to manage any stress or anxiety they may have.”
During the Wellbeing Week students were encouraged to take part in walks, yoga and wellbeing and mindfulness sessions. Assemblies around the subject of how eating and sleeping well can impact on mental health were also held.
Training for life
Wrekin College, Shropshire, where head Tim Firth believes that the current generation of pupils has it tougher than previous ones, and can struggle. He identifies contemporary causes in the rise of adolescent mental health problems, and suggests that more is needed to make training for life skills and resilience compulsory.
See page 40 for special Focus on Well-being & Mental Health feature.
    28 Music, Dance & Drama
  36 Sport
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