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Difficult issues
More than 50 students at Derby High School took part in a performance of Goodnight Mr Tom.
The students acted on stage and helped out behind the scenes with costumes, make-up, lighting and sound.
Jayne Webster, Head of English at Derby High School, said: “This was a brilliant team effort and I was impressed by how well everyone pulled together.
“The girls had to master West Country accents.
“I admire the way the girls tackled difficult issues within the play: even though there is a heart-warming ending, ‘Goodnight, Mr Tom’ tackles issues of child neglect and death – the dark reality of WWII.
“We had some fun learning war- time songs.
“The backstage team worked particularly hard to make the play run smoothly as it is a series of short, fast-moving scenes.
“The children who came to see the show had been studying the book and particularly enjoyed it; others enjoyed the special effect sound and lighting.”
The Tempest
  Bolton School’s 2018 Joint Production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest brought “such stuff / As dreams are made on” for audiences on all four nights of its run. There was both magic and drama in the air as the cast of pupils, drawn from Years 10 to 13 in the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions, played out Shakespeare’s complex tragicomedy.
The stage transformed the Arts Centre into Prospero’s magical island: a sandy ‘shore’ between the two ranks of seating was surrounded by familiar ‘flotsam and jetsam’ piled in strange arrangements, evoking
both the shipwreck Prospero causes at the opening of The Tempest and the strange land its survivors find themselves in. The play’s elaborate and enchanting soundscape transported the audience still further into another space and time.
Miss Naomi Lord, Director of The Tempest and also Bolton School Boys’ Division Director of Drama, Creative Learning and Partnerships, said of the cast in the programme: “I am amazed by their talent, energy and commitment. They have created something very special ... I have enjoyed working with them.”
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