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Careers: Workshop for schools
Inside Knowledge is a company that for 21 years has helped schools and their pupils gain the real-world tricks, skills and insights that students require, right into classrooms across the UK. The ‘inside knowledge’ that we all carry with us about how jobs are won, kept and how careers are developed, was exactly what we wanted to introduce into schools back in 1997. Included are the frequently requested skills that all employers now want, fined-tuned into our workshops – and at last pupils get it!
Our simple set of rules:
1. People learn by being actively involved
2. It’s so important to create a professional learning environment where people give their best to reach their full potential
3. Life Skills are best taught by expert practitioners of these skills
4. No substitute for real world experience
5. Trainers who have true passion for their subject are instantly authentic and credible
A selection of programmes for Year 7 - 13 with teacher testimonials
   Business Start Up (Year 10-12) Students learn about the skills and personal qualities that a successful business needs from its team of individuals. All day or half day programme with role-play.
“The workshops were great. The information was clear and helpful especially covering roles and tips for the pupils’ future. The pace was just right, no time to get bored”.
Bradfield College
Careers Management Day (Year 10-12) We change students’ attitudes on how to market themselves
to employers, universities, and their real networks. Increasing their self-awareness to assist them in communicating their qualities, skills, competencies and attitudes to others, both in everyday life, at interview (with role-play), and within the workplace.
Students’ feedback “Our trainer was accessible and not condescending. Found it very useful, particularly the tips on body language and tips on audience- engagement were valued greatly”.
Forest School
Enterprise essentials workshops for younger pupils (Year 7-10) Communicating with others, Working as
a team, the £25 Millionaire (Enterprise at its best), Market Stall Trading exercise (The trade floor) and TV Challenge (Presentations). An educational ‘special’ with role-plays, fun and ideal for this age group. Editor’s note – IK ran 2 days of Enterprise essentials for Year 7 & 8 and 1 Business Start Up day for L6.
“The week was a spectacular success, and feedback from our students is outstanding”.
Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood
Leadership, Time Management & Decision-making
(Year 12). This exercise is designed to build a team
and its ability to make the best decisions possible
in a limited time. These are invaluable skills for students going into a business environment or any organisational structure. The typical Assessment Centre role-play can also be related to the challenges faced by students as they make choices about their next steps
in life. The event was superb. The workshops were excellent and the trainer’s delivery outstanding which is crucial to the success of the event.
King’s Bruton
CV Writing, Cover Letters & Application forms including online forms (Year 10-12)
“The workshops were excellent, relevant and thorough. The trainer’s delivery was clear and authoritative”.
Westminster School
What employers’ want, communication essentials, & goal-setting
“Very informative and interactive, and students were constantly engaged and encouraged to think outside the box. Trainer’s delivery was spot on. It gave students time and space to interact effectively and the pace was perfect”.
Bancroft’s School
Career Taster Workshops (over 80 careers available) Engineering
“The workshops were excellent, just the right amount of materials covered and well delivered. A good and well-planned session and delivery was clear and appropriate. Pace? Spot on!”
   E: Tel: 01747 811691
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