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Sustainability initiative
After working in education for over thirty years - serving as
a Head for 17 of them - Louise Robinson decided she needed
to look at some other options for her life... and is now Project Manager for a new venture for World Merit which seeks to involve schools and pupils in creating a more sustainable world....
  Louise studied computer science and mathematics at York University in the early 80’s, when computers were large mainframes and programming in BASIC was just beginning.
She said she always felt she
had a moral purpose in life to make a difference! In her first
job, she introduced Computing
as a subject and computers as tools for administration in the school. Following a Head of Department role, Senior Teacher, then Deputy Head, Louise was appointed Principal of Howell’s School, Denbigh. Always ready for a challenge, Louise extended the school to include a Nursery and opened an equestrian centre on the site.
Louise’s second headship of 12 years was at Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School.
Too energetic to ‘retire’ and do nothing, Louise is going to continue to inspect schools (through the independent schools’ inspectorate) and is
already a Governor at both Edge Hill University and will be at Westholme School, Blackburn.
The most exciting next step has to be a part-time role as a Project Manager for a new venture for World Merit.
World Merit exists to promote the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. A global network of some 120,000
young people from 196 countries, the aim is to raise awareness of the 17 SDGs and develop and support these youth to become change-makers of the future, making changes both locally
and eventually on a global scale. Another strand of the programme is to set challenges and create a competition for ‘points’ so that students can win prizes such as an internship on Wall Street and or a
placement at the United Nations. Annual conferences bring together these change-makers with leading speakers, such as patron Sir Ken Robinson and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai.
Louise’s role will be to create
a structure for 15-18 year olds
in schools to become aware of
the SDGs and encourage these teenagers to become activists,
so that they will be the change- makers of the future, and ensure that the 17 goals are met by 2030. She said “I am so excited about this new role and believe I will be able to make a difference to many people’s lives if this venture is successful.”
 Want to know more?
Download Sir Ken Robinson’s World’s Largest Lesson #worldslargestlesson – a 5 minute video with an introduction from Emma Watson to introduce young people to the global goals and why it is needed.
Contact Louise at
Sponsored Walk
 Lockers Park School, Hertfordshire, staff, pupils, parents, and canine companions gathered together for a sponsored walk around Hemel Hempstead to raise funds for local charities Hope for Children and The Collett School. With over 300 people in attendance, the annual sponsored five-mile walk yet
again proved a huge success. The school aims to raise over £5,000, with funds split between the two worthwhile causes.
Lockers Park Headmaster
Christopher Wilson said: “This is a wonderful event where staff, pupils and parents all come together. Our annual sponsored walk not only teaches our pupils the importance of respect, compassion and a sense of responsibility about the world they live in, but also shows them what can be achieved by joining forces. We hope that the money raised will help make a difference to some of the children living both here in the UK and in countries such as Ghana and India.”
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