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 Litter Collection to Mushroom
Lea eld Environmental has launched a range of ‘Mushroom bins’ that add an element of fun to litter collection.
Available with or without ‘character faces’, Mushroom bins are made from colourful and highly durable polyethylene with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. The use of an internal plastic refuse sack is recommended and gives the bin a large capacity of 60 litres (70 litres with an optional extended plastic liner).
At an overall height of 800mm, the Mushroom bin is tall enough to make an impact but short enough for even young children to deposit their litter in the 150mm diameter open aperture in the top of the lid.
Completely recyclable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this new, colourful range of Mushroom bins is proving popular with younger children who have already been heard giving the character- faced bins names.
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Even though a school or working environment should always be considered a safe place, regardless of whatever is going on outside, unfortunately this is not always the case. Although major incidents or threats of violence at these types of premises are still rare, they are growing in frequency and, when they occur, it is vital to have a lockdown procedure in place.
The word lockdown used to be an ‘Americanism’ typically associated with riots in US prisons, but it is now being used globally to refer to situations where invacuation is more appropriate than evacuation as a means of keeping people safe.
Although they would hope never
to have to implement one, schools and other organisations should have a coherent strategy for lockdown procedures. Surprisingly, there is
no statutory requirement to have
a lockdown policy or procedure – organisations can simply choose to have one if they feel that it would help them to manage risks.
It might soon be the case that a mandatory strategy is required.
The use of an integrated alarm and communication system plays a key role in this regard, as it signi cantly accelerates both comprehension and crisis management procedures. It means announcements and instructions can be communicated directly to the persons concerned, with adequate volume and good speech intelligibility. Furthermore, emergencies can be immediately reported to a central location, the nature and extent of the danger veri ed, and measures to assist people taken immediately. In order to get maximum value from any investment, such a system can
also be used for internal everyday communication.
Although the reasons behind the growing number of lockdowns are certainly cause for concern, by having clear and effective communication systems installed alongside well rehearsed and understood
procedures, schools and public buildings can be sure they are doing all they can to protect occupants.
A lesson in lockdown
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