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 Conference goes global
It was a real global gathering
of the minds as students from Manchester High School for Girls welcomed a group of international delegates to their Model United Nations (MUNHigh2018) conference.
Pupils from schools in Latvia and Iran were joined by over 300 teens from across the UK to debate some of the world’s burning issues; from nuclear disarmament to LGBT rights.
MUNHigh2018 Secretary General, 18-year-old Alexandra Thacker,
helped organise the two-day event with a group of seven other Sixth Formers from Manchester High. She said: “We were thrilled to welcome delegates from Iran and Latvia; they brought a distinct international perspective to the event and made it feel all the more like a real United Nations meeting. We hope that our successors at MHSG will continue to build relationships with schools worldwide and make MUNHigh an internationally renowned student conference. Model United Nations helps develop our understanding of the world around us and gives us a forum to discuss pressing issues that currently challenge
the global community. Our theme this year was technology and we felt it was important to highlight the bene ts and challenges that technological innovation brings for ours and the next generation.”
Introducing Kitebrook News!
BBC News School Report gives young people in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. Kitebrook Preparatory School, Gloucestershire, was delighted to participate in this opportunity to help develop students’ journalistic skills.
Audiences can follow Kitebrook News stories by visiting their YouTube channel and by searching for ‘Young Reporters Kitebrook’. Their most recent story covers Kitebrook’s Senior Choir at the Liverpool Peace Proms and the news team are currently covering Young Enterprise Week at the school. Kitebrook News has also collaborated with Cotswold TV covering the Head for a Day story.
Printers Unlimited by Roberts Ink
A new way of doing things
  Pictured: From left: Manchester High School for Girls Head Mistress, Mrs Claire Hewitt, Katrina Gulave and Elizaveth Lagutina from the International School of Latvia, Sana Ajilchi and Melissa Nikoosokhantayar from Narjes School Tehran, Iran, and MUNHigh2018 Secretary General, 18-year-old MHSG student Alexandra Thacker
Hair donations
 Just a week after the Duchess of Cambridge was in the news for the same generous act, eleven of Cobham Hall School, Kent, girls and staff were presented with thank you certi cates for each donating a length of their hair to be used to create wigs for children with cancer.
Spanish teacher and Round Square Representative Miss Jessica Caro Quintana, who saw a lea et
in a hairdressing salon back in September, set the challenge. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the challenge would become deeply meaningful. Her sister, Aida, also a former teacher at the
school, was later diagnosed with a brain tumour and subsequently shaved her head for surgery, donating her hair too.
Girls from across the school took part, from Year 8 through to
Year 13, and beyond, with an alumnus, Ming O’Neill-Byrne also contributing after hearing about the challenge through her sister.
In addition to donating lengths
of hair, the School also donated the sum of £500, which covers the cost of making one wig. Miss Caro Quintana expects more girls to participate, with many planning to grow their hair longer to be able to contribute the required length.
Printers Unlimited by Roberts Ink has a refreshingly simple approach to a printer solution – providing printers at no cost to the school on free loan. With no rent, lease or purchase costs more schools
are catching on to their offer. Schools simply agree to only use the Roberts
Ink supplied toner,
and their cost of the toner is competitive – a school may never buy or rent a printer again.
Their zero waste plan offers recycling boxes to return the empty cartridges for re-use via a zero waste scheme. The zero waste scheme will reuse the cartridges or be remanufactured into something else helping schools to meet their duty of care about responsible waste management.
Currently expanding across the North West they are poised to move their operation up to be able to offer it nationally.
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