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Student drives
for the sparkle
15-year old Gustav Burton,
a Year 10 student at Felsted School, Essex, will participate in the Renault UK Clio Cup Junior Championship’s 2018 season to raise money for UK registered charity and international NGO, the Sparkle Foundation.
Gus, a member of Team Pyro,
will take to the track in the ‘Sparkle Car’. He will donate 100% of proceeds from sponsorship advertising to the foundation and aims to raise at least £15k this year.
Sparkle Malawi will use all money raised by Gus to contribute to
the construction of two new classrooms, an of ce and toilets for the children and staff of the Sparkle Foundation and the project in Malawi.
Gus said: “I feel con dent I can make a serious bid for the Clio Cup Junior crown in 2018 – the
category has really raised the bar in junior motor sport as the cars are the most technically advanced in the marketplace, plus there’s all the professionalism that Renault Sport is renowned for that comes with it. I see it as the best arena in which to develop as a young driver.”
For those wishing to get behind young Gus and the Sparkle Foundation, car sponsorship packages start from as little as £500 and sponsors who pledge between £2k and £5k will also secure their logo on Mr Burton’s race suit or helmet.
It’s estimated by the British
Automobile Racing Club that circa
41,500 people will attend the Clio
Cup Junior Championship 2018
race meetings. The event will also
receive coverage via Renault on line.
For more information about the sponsorship packages available, please visit
Felsted School, Essex,
hosted the annual Round Square Regional conference, welcoming delegates from 27 Round Square Schools from
a range of countries across Europe and the Mediterranean.
Round Square is a worldwide network of innovative schools in over 50 countries across six continents, who share
a universal set of values. Membership of the Round Square opens up access for Felstedians to numerous exciting opportunities to visit over 80 schools worldwide, through exchanges, gap year opportunities and educational conferences.
Every year, the conference focuses on a speci c pillar
of the Round Square values, which this year was the topic of Democracy. Opened by former Felstedian and Magic Bus Charity Founder, Matthew Spacie, the conference challenged any preconceived notions of democracy by highlighting the dif culties that we face in day to day
life with politics and how technology is shaping this.
Felsted pupils led workshops to pose questions on the intricate dimensions of democracy and to take apart any broad, overarching de nitions that have been taught in the past.
During the conference, delegates also heard from
BBC Reporter, Mr Thomas Sparrow who gave a deeply insightful talk about the ‘Alternative for Deutschland’ and how democratic values and principals can lead to right wing ideologists taking the centre
stage. All the keynote speakers made themselves available throughout the conference,
to take part in follow-up workshops. The delegates were given various tasks over the weekend, including preparing for an interactive debate on democratic voice, free will, political discord and social harmony. All the pupils were engaged and interested with the various subjects presented to them, and the topics sparked some passionate debates.
As well as workshops, talks and debates the delegates worked with the North London based Community Theatre Group, Haringey Shed to create a new country to hold the  rst democratic election. The delegates were presented with six politicians who over the course of the weekend revealed more about their character before the delegates had to vote for who would
win the election.
Head of Global Education and Round Square Co-ordinator
at Felsted, Daniel Emmerson said: “It was a delightfully insightful conference, thanks to the superb efforts and participation of our own pupils and everyone who attended. It was wonderful to see just how engaged they all were with their subject and how eager they were to listen to the views of other people, even when they con icted with their own ideas. With
a follow-up Round Square conference on the subject of post-truth politics coming up at Herlufsholm School in Denmark, this is sure to be a mere chapter in our Round Square journey as a school.”
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