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Technical Surfaces: putting
best practice at the centre of
synthetic pitch maintenance
Technical Surfaces is the UK’s largest and leading provider of maintenance to all types of synthetic sports surface, from 3G pitches to tarmac tennis courts, cricket wickets to athletics facilities.
Our motto is Maintaining Standards, and we apply this to every service we provide, ensuring that pitches can be enjoyed at their best and safest. We work closely with leading installers, testing laboratories and manufacturers of carpets and in lls to deliver quality sports facilities with consistent performance levels.
Our unique contribution to the industry can be de ned by two key qualities: legacy and innovation.
Technical Surfaces has operated nationwide for over 20 years,
with services ranging from regular maintenance to deep cleans, repairs and full pitch refurbishment.
Our client base spans the length and breadth of the country and includes schools, leisure centres, local authorities, sports clubs and universities.
Whatever type of surface you play on – 3G, sand-based, water-based – pitch performance is paramount. Therefore, it is important that the correct approach to maintenance is taken for every carpet system.
To achieve the maximum life from a synthetic sports surface it is essential that the correct maintenance regime is implemented as soon as possible from installation. It will also be necessary to carry out non-routine works to prolong the life of a
facility and ensure a safe playing environment for users.
As well as providing a specialist maintenance service, Technical Surfaces also supplies machinery and equipment to help customers perform their own maintenance tasks. Machinery is available to meet every level of in-house expertise and resources, with certi cated training and demonstrations on
all machines supplied. Technical Surfaces is proud to be the sole UK Distributor of the SMG range of dedicated synthetic sports surface maintenance machinery,
and we work continually alongside their research team in Germany
to develop new and improved techniques and equipment.
Technical Surfaces has always been at the forefront of our industry, spearheading initiatives to help improve industry knowledge and best practice in synthetic surface maintenance.
Our commitment to research is well-established and sets Technical Surfaces apart as the UK’s leading maintenance provider. We have been involved in several academic studies and research projects focussing on developing guidelines for maintaining synthetic turf;
the effects of brushing on the wear rates of synthetic carpet systems; and enhancing industry understanding and awareness of the ef cacy of current sports pitch maintenance techniques.
The research partnership
between Technical Surfaces and Loughborough University has earned recognition from the Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, and our current KTP collaboration with their Sports Surface Research Group continues our efforts to improve and progress the way
that our industry approaches the maintenance of synthetic surfaces.
In 2018 Technical Surfaces will celebrate 7 years since the launch of our pioneering Online Technical Information System. Commonly known as OTIS, the software was unveiled to our contract customers in April 2011, allowing them to manage the maintenance, usage, health & safety and day-to-day administration of their facilities online.
Increasingly, owners and operators of 3G pitches  nd they are required not only to maintain the surface, but also to record both maintenance and usage for the purposes of
warranty protection. In particular,
it is stipulated that the growing number of 3G pitches being installed as part of the FA, RFU and Football Foundation’s Framework Contract
be maintained to an appropriate standard to comply with Quality Control and warranty requirements, and undergo frequent testing to ensure they remain  t for purpose.
With this shift in attitude comes a greater emphasis on best practice, ensuring that the individual requirements and circumstances of each sports surface are considered when implementing a maintenance programme.
OTIS was developed primarily
to meet this changing need
of our customers, and of the industry as a whole. Logging both maintenance and usage is critical to ensuring the longevity of a synthetic sports surface. Without accurately recording both aspects it is impossible to ensure that your surface is being cared for properly.
Technical Surfaces continually monitors the condition of every playing surface we maintain, and through OTIS encourage our customers to do the same. Monitoring pitch activity and maintenance helps to determine whether the maintenance programme in place is suitable
for the level of use a pitch is receiving. If any changes are required, we work with all parties involved to adjust the maintenance programme accordingly.
Our work on the development of a 3G Hybrid® system represents another important industry contribution. Derived from our patented Rejeneration®, the
3G Hybrid® system involves removing the sand in ll from the carpet pile and replacing it with
a specialist grade mix of new rubber granules. For the end user, this is an exciting development; transforming the old, tired sand-  lled pitch at their local school or sports centre into an attractive prospect for a kick-about or league match. And for pitch owners/operators, the chance to increase revenue and minimise disruption and downtime is equally appealing, with the improved playing performance and drainage capabilities of the 3G Hybrid® system.
To learn more about Technical Surfaces, our latest news and the maintenance services we provide, please visit our website at
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