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 Sixth international campus
West eld School, Tyne & Wear, celebrated Chinese New Year early in a very unique way bringing the Far East to the classrooms of its Junior House last month (February).
Dubbed Shanghai Maths Week, pupils aged between three
and 11-years-old saw lessons transformed as they experienced unusual teaching techniques from the Asian city, which regularly tops international league tables for mathematics achievements.
From repetition of language
and numbers to interactive problem solving and whole class participation, teachers took inspiration from Shanghai to reshape maths lessons in a nod to the upcoming Chinese occasion.
Morning exercise routines formed part of the celebratory week too, modelled on those which many Eastern corporations adopt helping to get creative thoughts  owing. Parents, grandparents, guardians and staff were encouraged to join in, forming a group of over 100 participants in the sports hall.
Additional activities during the educational initiative included tastings of Chinese speciality dishes such as noodles, dragon dances with handmade puppets, and role play acting out the Chinese Zodiac Story.
Mr Neil Walker, headmaster, said: “Shanghai Maths Week has been a fantastic addition to our academic calendar, allowing our Junior House girls to open their minds and imaginations to a new culture, from participating in enhanced maths lessons to engaging
and exciting activities with a difference”.
A taste of the orient
 Malvern College, Worcestershire, has struck a deal with authorities in Chengdu, China which means
it is now on course to open six international schools in just seven years, placing it at the forefront of UK independent schools operating abroad.
International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox witnessed the signing of the landmark agreement (centre back picture above) during his trade visit to China last month (February) with Prime Minister Theresa May.
“This is extremely exciting for Malvern College International
and puts us right at the forefront of UK providers opening schools internationally,” said Headmaster Antony Clark. “We are delighted to have this opportunity to further expand the Malvern College family of schools through this exciting development in Chengdu.
“We are proud of our record
in providing a British-style independent education with
its emphasis on the holistic development of pupils and a focus on values, whilst working closely with our international partners to adapt the educational provision to the needs of the local context.”
The new campus is due to open in 2019 and will eventually, together with the College’s existing campus in Chengdu, which opened in 2015, provide education for more than 1000 children between the ages of 3 and 18.
In the meantime, this September will see the opening of Malvern College Hong Kong, following on from Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong which opened in 2017. The school also has campuses in Qingdao, China and Cairo, Egypt.
Malvern College Chengdu will retain the values of a traditional Chinese education while helping pupils to adapt to a Western-style learning environment. Its vision
is to create a pathway to English- speaking universities around the world.
Malvern College International’s schools in mainland China are predominantly for Chinese nationals, with around 35 per cent of leavers going on to study at
UK universities, thus contributing directly to the rapid international growth in the UK Higher Education sector.
“The success of these schools overseas has a direct positive impact on a wide range of UK manufacturers and suppliers ranging from examination boards, architects and engineers through to furniture and textbook suppliers,” said Allan Walker, Malvern College’s Director of International Schools.
Research by the International School Consultancy has shown
that the appetite for Western-style, English language-based education around the world shows no signs of abating.
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