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Which ground-breaking legal consultancy has:
a) an indisputable, in-depth knowledge of the education sector, and;
b) the highest degree of expert employment law, health & safety and HR services – all conveniently located under one roof?
Answer (for top marks):
Employment Law
Human Resources
Health & Safety
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Advice on setting up your
school’s (science) partnership
Jeremy Thomas’s top tips:
Things to try:
• Appoint a member of staff to co-ordinate activities, with a substantial timetable reduction
• Decide on whether you can support regular or one-off events
• Find out if local schools have any existing networks supported by local education authorities or school consortia
• Look for national organisations supporting partnerships in your area such as the National STEM Learning Centre and the Ogden Trust
• Look at existing schemes such as BSA CREST Awards which provide structure and resources for activities (
• Consider paying external providers to run workshops and invite other schools to join in, for example the National Space Academy (
• Consider which staff will want to be involved, focus on volunteers  rst as not all staff will be interested (however when they see others enjoying it, it becomes infectious).
• Use older pupils as mentors or ambassadors to run clubs and activities for younger pupils
• Spread the activities across different year groups to avoid the same pupils being targeted
Potential pitfalls:
• Staff time and con ict with other duties and activities
• Logistical challenges in  nding venues for visitors during the school day
• Evening and weekend activities ease pressure on facilities but can have staf ng problems
• Transport costs if working with schools over a larger area
• When running activities mixing visiting pupils and pupils from your own school, consider the ratio carefully as pupils in their own school tend to be more con dent
What are the bene ts?
• Connecting pupils and staff with a wide variety of people outside the school
• Increasing staff experience and the variety of teaching skills
• Making peer observation and collaboration a natural part of everyday activities
• Giving pupils opportunities to develop essential skills in leadership, communication and teamwork
• Raising the pro le of your school in the community
And  nally:
Getting a massive buzz from every successful event and a sense of achieving something of genuine, educational value.
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