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Useful new resource for Philosophy
Ethics of medical experiments on humans
Free Futsal starter pack
 A new book on the legacy of whistleblowing doctor Maurice Pappworth brings into sharp focus the ethics and morals of medical professionals involved in research.
Written by his daughter the late Joanna Seldon - former English teacher at Wellington College, Berkshire - the work reveals how Pappworth became increasingly concerned about experiments
on patients without consent and without any prospect of bene t to the individuals undergoing them. His 1967 expose ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ caused a sensation with its accounts of invasive procedures conducted on the incapable and the vulnerable, largely for the career advancement of ambitious doctors and with scant regard for potential harm to their unwitting subjects.
Lady Seldon’s book - ‘The Whistle- Blower - One Man’s Battle Against the Medical Establishment’ - makes unsettling reading for anyone
whose loved ones may have been patients in teaching hospitals in the 50’s and 60’s, as she chronicles in some detail the horrors which so disturbed her father. However, she gives equal weight to the long-
term positive aspect of the matter, namely the establishment of research ethics committees which now maintain strict control over human experimentation.
The new volume will make a useful addition to Philosophy and Ethics resources at schools. As they learn
about Pappworth’s life story, and how he compromised his own medical career in order to stand up for patient rights, it will help students grapple with thought- provoking dilemmas such as:
If by killing a few people a doctor would thereby obtain a certain cure for cancer, would this be justi able in the light of his or her Hippocratric Oath -’ I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgement; I will abstain from harming or wronging any man by it’?
Lady Seldon, wife of former Wellington head Sir Anthony Seldon, died shortly after she  nished the book. She had previously penned several novels.
The Whistle-Blower is published by The University of Buckingham Press, ISBN 978-1-908684-974 at £14.99. Review by ISM Editor Kimble Earl.
Abbey Gate College, Cheshire,
are all geared up to start playing Futsal after receiving a free starter pack – news that has delighted Michael Skubala, England Futsal Head Coach.
The pack contains Futsal foldaway goals and special futsal balls and bibs, which will allow regular provision of Futsal to develop passing skills with the low bouncing ball making passing and control a key element of sessions as they are a vital component of the game today.
The starter packs are designed
to adapt existing sports halls, playgrounds and other hard surface facilities to make them Futsal- ready. The packs came courtesy of a £300,000 Futsal scheme, which is funded by The FA and delivered by the Football Foundation.
Futsal is a  ve-a-side game, normally played on a  at indoor pitch with hockey-sized goals and
a size four ball with a reduced bounce. The exciting, fast-paced game is played across the world and is of cially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA.
The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure, and is subsequently an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game.
Michael Skubala, England Futsal Head Coach, said: “A big well done to Abbey Gate College for securing a Futsal starter pack – they have
a bright future ahead of them now! We want to get more people playing the sport for the love of
it and who knows; perhaps we’ll see some future international players unearthed as a result. Futsal is growing all the time
and The FA, with the help of the Football Foundation, is dedicated to increasing its importance and popularity further For All.”
Chris Cutler, Head of PE at Abbey Gate College, said: “The Futsal starter pack has already allowed Chester FC U18 girls to come and practice on a weekly basis and
we are looking to develop this relationship to bring high quality competition to both boys and girls of all ages”.
         Registration of Schools
Teaching Dyslexic Pupils
Gives parents choice.
Every School on the CReSTeD Register
has been assessed for SpLD (Dyslexia) provision.
Schools are revisited every 3 years
to ensure standards are being maintained.
We offer:
For your school: a visit by an SpLD Expert to assess your provision.
For parents: a free Register of Schools accredited for their Learning Support Provision...
 Contact CReSTeD via email:
Registered charity no. 1052103
Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils
Ambitious plans
Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Hertfordshire, has started work this month (January) on the  rst phase of its major multi-million- pound development programme. A new building consisting of three  oors and a lower ground  oor, will feature a boarding house for 70 pupils, six academic and vocational teaching spaces, a theatre workshop and other valuable pupil facilities.
Phase two of the project will be a building containing pastoral support facilities, a Sixth Form Centre with study facilities, changing rooms
for day pupils, a well-appointed Art Department and an integrated staff common room which will free up two additional teaching
spaces elsewhere in the school. Full planning permission has already been obtained and it is hoped that construction will begin on this second building soon after phase one is complete.
The third and  nal phase of the ambitious master plan is a 450-seat theatre with backstage rooms that can be used as either changing rooms or teaching areas, allowing the school to add technical theatre skills including set design, sound and lighting to the curriculum.
This theatre will also be of huge bene t to the local area, which does not currently have a theatre of this size.
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