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 Five new schools announced in China as part of PM ‘golden era’ trade mission
Reigate Grammar School, Surrey, has announced a major international venture with the opening of  ve schools in China.
Black Death Day
 The schools, the  rst of which is scheduled to open in Nanjing in 2020, are part of a partnership between Reigate Grammar School (RGS) and Kaiyuan Education Fund (KEF), which is backed by the China Development Bank. The second school is due to open in Shanghai in 2023.
RGS Head Shaun Fenton signed
a memorandum of understanding with the KEF in Shanghai earlier this month (February) at the China UK Business Forum alongside International Development Secretary Liam Fox.
The new Chinese schools will
be co-educational all-through (Kindergarten to Sixth Form) boarding schools for local Chinese children.
Mr Fenton says he is keen for the Chinese schools to adopt
RGS’s breadth of education which values character development and personal qualities in addition to academic success.
He said that the schools in
China would bring huge bene t to RGS pupils in Britain: ‘By developing international links and perspectives, we hope to enrich the RGS community further. I
am very excited about the visit and exchange opportunities for students and staff. It will open up cultural and learning links across continents which is crucial in the ever increasingly global world in which we live.’
Part of the income generated
by the schools in China will be used to fund RGS bursaries for disadvantaged students. The school is committed to an ambitious drive for social mobility via its Changing Lives campaign.
Year 7 at the Towers Convent School, Sussex, solemnly prepared to face the horrors of the 2018 Black Death Day, during which they investigated its cause and impact.
Pupils, appropriately dressed but extremely cheerful, faced the decimation of their villages, with one third of the population dead. As the day progressed they moved on
to a daunting drama in an af icted town, with pupils experiencing ordinary people’s suspicious and often dismissive feelings towards their leaders’ attempts to control the plague.
An English challenge provided pupils with the opportunity to be creative as they designed and made aptly named board games.
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                      Pictured: RGS Head Shaun Fenton (back row, second from right) and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (centre, back row) with representatives of the Kaiyaun Education Fund, the China Development Bank and Sean Davey (front row, right), Director of the Reigate Grammar School Foundation
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