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 £3m lower school facility
Hertfordshire’s Edge Grove School has just announced ambitious plans to invest £3 million in building a brand new, self-contained lower school facility, in the heart of the school’s 28-acre grounds. Work
on the new, state-of-the-art lower school is scheduled to begin this summer 2018 and due to open in Autumn 2019.
The project involves the relocation of the lower school
(Years 3 and 4) into a new contemporary and sustainable building. Located to the west of the playground, the innovative building will boast a curved
roof with welcoming porch that integrates the multipurpose hall of the new lower school with
the main school grounds. The facility will include six spacious new classrooms, a multi-function main hall with an open-plan library, meeting room, reading
and breakout areas as well as new toilet facilities for both staff and pupils.
Ben Evans, head, said: “Since
its establishment as a local preparatory school in 1935, Edge Grove has grown considerably and temporary buildings were added over time to cater for the growing number of pupils and their needs. Over time, teaching methods
as well as the curriculum have
changed and continue to evolve as schools react to the times they live in to prepare children for new realities and exigencies - without losing what is worth preserving. Change is not an option; it is an educational need and we are very excited about the new facility
and the wonderful learning environment and subsequent opportunities it will create for our pupils and staff.”
 Breaking ground
 Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Hertfordshire, held a breaking-ground
ceremony last month (January) as it embarks on the  rst phase of a £12 million development.
Principal Stefan Anderson was assisted at the ceremony by the school’s head girl Josianne Germann and head boy Charles
Waddell. The  rst phase of the new project will be a four-storey building that will contain a state-of-the-art boarding house for 70 pupils, six academic and vocational teaching spaces, a theatre workshop and other valuable pupil facilities.
This new building is due to open in September 2019.
Pictured (from left): Jim Twitchin, head of estate services; Josianne Germann, head girl; Anselm Barker, deputy principal; Stefan Anderson, principal; Kate Jarratt, management accountant; and Charles Waddell, head boy
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