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 Children’s mental health
– free new resources for teachers
YoungMinds, children and young people’s mental health charity, have launched their new 360° Schools’ Community, a free resource on mental health and wellbeing for all teachers across the UK.
There is currently a mental health crisis for children and young people
– three children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health condition – and the charity believes that teachers can have a huge impact in helping young people by identifying problems early, and building resilience. Many teachers already do good work in building resilience and promoting wellbeing in their classrooms, but for others, knowing what to do can be extremely dif cult.
YoungMinds’ new 360° Schools’ Community is responding to this gap by providing bi-monthly emails packed full of resources, advice, tips, blogs, lesson plans and case studies to every teacher and school professional who signs up. The community will also provide a place for teachers to share content and best practice such as their own coping strategies or things that might have worked particularly well for them in the classroom.
Hannah Kinsey, Head of Training at YoungMinds, said: “We know that teachers are under a huge amount of pressure from all directions. While they often want to support young people’s mental health, it can feel daunting if you don’t know how to start or where to  nd information.
“That’s why we’ve made the 360° Schools’ Community, so that all teachers need to do is sign up to receive our interactive and informative resources into their inboxes. We hope that the schools’ community will make teachers feel a little bit more equipped to help if they notice that one of their students is acting a bit differently, and to make mental health and wellbeing a rewarding and core part of their teaching.”
The charity has been working with schools over the last 25 years, providing high quality, impactful training to professionals. Since last March, they have also been campaigning for a rebalance of the education system to prioritise wellbeing, which gained the support of many teachers
Conference date
Milton Abbey School in Dorset
is hosting a full day conference for pupils, parents and staff on the wellbeing and mental health issues facing young people today. Tickets are available for teachers from other schools.
Milton Abbey Head Master, Magnus Bashaarat is dedicating a full day out of the school calendar to talk about mental health well-being.
He said ‘Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing is seldom out of the news. As parents and educators we are all too aware
of the pressures and dif culties facing teenagers who are trying
to cope with the relatively new phenomenon of 24/7 social media
and the reality of their day to day lives being constantly ‘shared’ and commented upon. Whilst long term research has yet to be done on the impact of this, the short term impact is there for all to see.’
Running throughout the day there will be an ‘Adults’ and a ‘Students’ programme. Pupils, parents and teachers will hear from leading expert healthcare professionals and engage in panel discussions, presentations and workshops across a wide range
of pertinent topics including: Self-Harm & Eating Disorders; Sex, Love & Relationships; Social media; and Mental health, Depression & Anxiety.
Courageous Conversations Conference
Thursday 8 March 9am to 4.30pm - Milton Abbey School, Dorset
Register at - £95 general admission, full day pass. Concessions for Students/Statutory/Voluntary.
– 71% of teachers said that they would welcome a duty on schools to promote wellbeing.
The e-newsletters will be sent every two months, and feature a range of blogs, videos, teaching resources, case studies and the opportunity to share best practice.
To sign up to the 360° Schools’ Community, visit:
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