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 Inspiring guests
Kent College welcomed three nationally acclaimed guests: Natasha Devon MBE, Nicholas McCarthy and Dr Barry Hymer, to speak to students, teachers, governors and parents.
At the school’s annual Birthday lecture, musician Nicholas McCarthy, spoke about his life and played some pieces, including his own arrangement of Rachmaninov’s Prelude in G minor, Opus 23, no 5.
Nicholas overcame adversity to become the youngest left-handed pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music. He was born without his right hand and only began to play the piano at the late age of 14.
Nicholas was joined on stage by Dr Barry Hymer, the UK’s leading expert on Growth Mindset, a
concept developed by Stamford professor Carol Dweck. Growth Mindset centres on the concept that intelligence is not ‘ xed’,
but can be ‘grown’. Kent College has adopted this principal in its teaching, encouraging pupils to learn through perseverance and not to be afraid of failure.
The following day, Kent College was delighted to hear from mental health champion, Natasha Devon MBE, as part of their annual Resilience Day. Through a range of videos, statistics and anecdotes, Natasha delivered an engaging and evocative presentation on topics such as body image and exam stress.
These events formed part of an inspiring programme of speakers open to pupils and the wider Kent College community.
Pictured: Top Row – Head Girl Team – Isla Cain, Francesca Reali and Eloise Norman; Second Row – Dr Barry Hymer, head Ms Julie Lodrick, Nicholas McCarthy and Mr Nik Pears (Head of the Prep at Kent College)
Swim for rhinos
Year 6 at Dragon School, Oxfordshire, achieved something extraordinary last term when in one hour they swam the length of the English Channel, 1,416 lengths of the pool, to raise funds to airlift rhinos to safety.
David Murray of ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ visited Dragon School, Oxford, showing the children dramatic images of how the charity airlift rhinos from areas
of poaching in South Africa to protected areas in Botswana. To raise awareness and money for the charity, Year 6 completed an epic sponsored swim.
Rhino poaching threatens to make rhinos extinct within ten years. Certain species have already all but disappeared – there is only one male northern white rhino left, and all rhino species are
now declining to critically low numbers. Poaching is fuelled by
the mistaken belief that rhino horn has medicinal properties and horns are removed without injuring the rhino – in fact the horn has no more medicine than a  ngernail and rhinos are killed brutally by heavily armed gangs.
Rhinos Without Borders undertake a complex operation to move
each rhino: the team include
vets who keep the rhino calm, using sedatives, a blindfold and ear plugs. The Botswana miltary provide a Hercules transport plane, and a Vietnam Huey helicopter carries sedated rhinos the last
few miles to secret and closely monitored locations in the vastness of northern Botswana. So far they have translocated 77 rhinos and hope to airlift 100, to establish
a breeding population that can survive the current onslaught
on rhino populations, a kind of Noah’s ark.
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