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New Independent Schools Yearbook
Practical GDPR advice for schools
The Independent Schools Yearbook is the highly-respected book of reference of Independent Schools in membership of the Independent Schools Council’s Associations: HMC, GSA, The Society of Heads, IAPS, and ISA.
Published and updated annually since 1889 the ‘Blue Book’ is often referred to as the ‘Bible’ of information on independent schools.
The 2017-18 edition features more than 1,200 School Profiles with information on Contact details, Location, Facilities, Numbers, Admission, Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries, Staff, Curriculum, Sports/ Games, The Arts, Extra-Curricular Activities, Community Service, Recent/Planned Developments, News and Events.
Many schools have read the
ICO official documentation but are still unsure about how to practically begin preparing for the introduction of the new data protection regulation.
What many settings need now is practical advice and strategies to help them prepare.
A new online training course from Safeguarding and Duty of Care experts, EduCare, can help.
‘A Practical Guide to the GDPR for Education’ has been developed with an experienced deputy headteacher, who has real, on- the-ground experience in school data management.
  “May I say how valuable and useful your publication proves itself to be – I regularly direct parents to it when considering senior school options as well as using it extensively myself.” Head of an IAPS School.
Are you ready for 25th May 2018?
 EduCare’s new online GDPR training course is accurate,
easy to understand, and most importantly, provides practical advice that can be used every day.
‘A Practical Guide to the GDPR for Education’ is aimed at
all staff working within an education setting that deal with personal data.
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