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                 Teacher wins top award
Planning permission has been secured from Wiltshire Council for a new library building on behalf of St Mary’s Calne.
The library, designed by Woods Bagot, is a stand-alone pavilion modelled on an orangery, with an articulated timber roof structure supported on columns that floats over a more substantial masonry shell. Meanwhile, the roof forms an internal cluster of tree-like structures, bringing the orchard into the building and blurring the boundary between inside
and outside spaces while at the same time using the surrounding enclosure to create the sense of a walled garden.
The western elevation of the library, which faces a service road, will be solid in order to mitigate noise from the access route.
Going co-ed
The Governors and Senior Leadership Team of Farlington School, Sussex, have made the decision to welcome boys into its Reception Class from September 2018.
The move towards a co-educational Prep School will be gradual and existing classes in the Prep and Pre-Prep will remain girls-only. Only the Nursery and Reception class
in September 2018 will have both boys and girls. There is no change to the arrangements in the Senior School or Sixth Form.
Conversely, the eastern elevation is to be glazed in order to maximise daylight and views across the orchard. The library entrance will be located in the centre of the solid wall, providing clear views on arrival of the internal space and the landscape beyond.
The layout of the internal space has also been well thought through to reflect the most forward-thinking ideas in education.
Headmistress, Dr Felicia Kirk, commented: “The new library will be a lively academic hub of the school – a place which will instil a love of reading, research and learning for staff and pupils alike and will encourage exploration and the pursuit of knowledge,
as well as collaboration and the sharing of ideas.”
A talented York teacher has won a top award for her work to engage students and the public with science.
Bootham School’s Head of Psychology, Harriet Ennis, received the honour from the British Psychological Society (BPS) for Public Engagement, largely in recognition of her work with the York Independent State Schools Partnership (ISSP).
Psychology is a challenging science and Harriet has been teaching it to able students as young as 11 from across York, as well as to the wider community.
The York ISSP is recognised as the best of its kind in the UK, having delivered over 5000 opportunities for enrichment to ‘able & interested’ students since its inception in 2006.
Harriet runs Psychology master classes, a Psychology Summer School and has collaborated on a residential ISSP course in the Lake District teaching Psychology skills for success, well-being and peak performance.
She also presents public lectures as part of Bootham School’s recital room lecture series and as part
of the Activities programme at Bootham, she runs ‘Psychology experiments for seniors’ once a week.
Bootham’s A-level psychologists
also recently entered The University of York’s research competition and won. Students designed their own research, collected and analysed their data and presented it in the form of a scientific poster.
Library receives planning permission
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 Current parents were consulted and were overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal.
Louise Higson, Headmistress said:“ This is a significant and exciting change for the School. The Farlington ethos of inspiring and educating the individual will always remain. We know that girls and boys learn in different ways and this will be reflected
in our teaching methods in the classroom.”
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