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  Strictly Victorian!
Farlington School, Sussex, Prep 6 travelled back in time to 1851 to experience a day in a typical Victorian schoolroom. The girls, aged ten and eleven, spent the day in Victorian dress and discovered what it was like to be a Victorian school child.
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10 Destructive Pressures on Teachers
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20 MovingOn–ChoosingaSeniorSchool
are children given too much say?
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The girls were expected to sit through lessons in silence and only speak when spoken to. They covered subjects such as the British Empire, maths with imperial measures and how to write perfect copperplate handwriting. They read lessons from a Victorian reading book and they learnt how to sew for
their sampler. Lunch consisted of pasties, sandwiches, fruit and biscuits and at break they were able to roll hoops, skip together and play a game of marbles.
This hands-on historical experience fits into the girls’ history curriculum which is currently focusing on the Victorian era. They are learning about Victorian domestic life, the contrasting lifestyles of the rich and poor, the growth of urbanisation and the achievements of the era.
Rock Fest
Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire, staged its annual Rockfest concert to a sell-out audience. Nine acts from the Lower School and twelve from the Upper School took to the stage to perform a wide range of numbers, all exhibiting great talent and enthusiasm.
Kester Sims, Head of Music Technology, said:“Rockfest goes from strength to strength and this year the audience was treated to
an exciting evening of great rock talent, supported by our own expert lighting and sound team of pupils.”
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