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                                                                                                                      Teachers’ involvement in setting exams ~ latest
Ofqual has set out how it intends to strengthen its regulation of awarding organisations’ involvement of teachers
in the development of confidential assessment materials, following last year’s cheating scandal.
The proposals include:
• Explicitly setting out in our rules steps that awarding organisations must take to help protect the integrity of the assessments to which teachers have contributed; and
• Publishing further statutory guidance to help awarding organisations understand the factors and approaches they should consider when deciding how to comply with the rules.
Teachers will continue to be able to write assessments and have access to confidential materials. However, awarding organisations must maintain up to date records of all conflicts of interest relating to teachers who have seen confidential assessment materials. And they must review their safeguards such that they are appropriate and proportionate to:
• effectively mitigate the risks of using teachers in the development of assessment materials, for example by making sure no teacher knows whether or when any assessments they have developed will be used;
• support teachers to do the right thing, through appropriate training and contractual obligations;
• detect malpractice, for example by sampling the work of teachers who have written exam papers to look for any unusual patterns of response.
The exam boards who deliver GCSEs, AS and A levels and other qualifications used as equivalents, such as the Pre-U, have already written the exams for summer 2018. Ofqual therefore suggests that safeguards for 2018 will need to focus on deterring and detecting malpractice and on supporting teachers. These awarding organisations have published a joint statement setting out their intentions for this summer. Ofqual expects that all awarding organisations will have made significant progress in terms
of the safeguards they employ by summer 2019, and have fully revised their approaches by 2020. This transition period is deemed necessary to avoid introducing an unacceptable degree of risk to the delivery of safe qualifications.
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About Password
Since their launch in 2008, Password tests have been used by for accurate and reliable “gold standard” English language and maths assessment. The tests, designed by experts and aligned to international standards, are used overseas to facilitate student recruitment and admission, and in the UK for screening on arrival.
Secure test delivery, results and certificates are all simply managed online eliminating the need for sending papers and scripts backwards and forwards, marking, and subsequent data input. Password’s accurate results can be relied upon for admission to secondary education, GCSE, A level and IB programmes.
Password tests are delivered by our partner schools’ own staff and trusted representatives, or by the British Council, wherever and whenever required.
Password Pupil has given King’s Ely a single-platform testing management system for years 6-13 for all our international applicants. The content is rigorous, valid and randomly generated and managing the system has proved simple with excellent customer support from the Password ELT Team. From an academic point of view the system offers a cohesive way to compare results to the CEFR and general English levels while the online writing tasks are varied and appropriate for Academic school-level English. Within the school we have become far more efficient as Password means all of us in admissions and management can access results directly, reducing emails and phone calls on a day-to-day basis. Password has given us a bespoke, professional and effective product that exceeded our expectations and meets our international admissions needs completely.”
Matthew Norbury, Academic Director of International Programmes, King’s Ely, Cambridgeshire
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