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Have you ever wondered what
it is like to run blindfolded
or participate in wheelchair basketball? Children from St Andrew’s School, Berkshire, experienced just such sports at an event at the end of last term.
Over 290 pupils and staff took part in a series of sensory deprivation sporting challengeswhere children as young as three experienced what it might be like to participate in a sport with a disability.
Working with SportsAble, one of St Andrew’s community members and
an award winning organisation specialising in disability sport, the challenges included blind long jump, wheelchair basketball as well as blindfolded football. Funds raised from the event will go towards providing new equipment, including a special hoist to improve disabled access into
the indoor pool in the School’s new Sports Centre, opening this Autumn. Bene tting the local community members, the Sports Centre will house the latest sports and swimming facilities, including
purpose built facilities for people with disabilities.
Damian Ng, an ex-Commonwealth Paralympic Swimmer and representative for SportsAble, said of the event “We really appreciated the opportunity to deliver disability sport and to promote awareness for disability and our charity amongst the school. The children were absolutely fantastic and took the tasks with enthusiasm and lots of energy! We were impressed by their levels of engagement and understanding and hope that they
enjoyed all the activities and want to learn more. The School is very forward thinking in its approach to welcoming the wider community into its new facility and we can’t wait to partner with them again soon.”
Jonathan Bartlett, Headmaster of St Andrew’s continued, “It was a fantastic day and the staff were incredibly proud seeing children of different ages working so
well together. All the children loved participating in wheelchair basketball and tethered running.”
Insert picture: Head Jonathan Bartlett with Damian Ng and Director of Sport Sam Martin
Musical Helen sets rowing record
Congratulations to Helen Hankey, Head of Music at The Hawthorns School, Surrey, who alongside a team of seven, set a new rowing world record this summer!
The team of eight women set a new rowing world record, completing a relay row of 320 nautical miles along the entire south coast of the UK in a coastal double scull. Their epic challenge started in Sennen Cove in Cornwall, crossing the start line at Lands End at 5.55pm on Saturday 12 August and  nished by passing North Foreland, Kent,  ve days, eighteen hours and twenty  ve minutes later, setting the new world record.
The rowers used all their skills to take their tiny 54kg, 7.5m long and 1m wide boat around some of the most challenging headlands in the UK, running tidal races off Lands End, the Lizard and Start Point and punching foul tides around St Albans Head and Selsey Bill.
Their donation pages are at the following links:
The team battled strong winds, fading daylight, and tidal races to complete the challenge with only 22 hours sleep sustaining them during the  ve days. They rowed for up to 16 hours a day, often starting before sunrise and  nishing after sunset, rowing at speeds of up to 8.7 knots.
Helen Hankey, said of the experience: “The feat of rowing a boat around the Foot of Britain succeeded in bringing talented, unique individuals with a variety of skills together to become a well oiled team who aim to inspire others to get out there and do something exciting and different. We are normal every day people and have managed it, so, with self belief, training, hard work and determination - follow your dreams.”
As well as setting a new record The Foot of Britain team have chosen to support two charities - Mind and The Youth Sport Trust.
Youth Sport Trust: Mind - The Mental Health Charity:
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