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Have you thought of changing to a bespoke sports bag?
Maybe you are looking to match the colours of your new sports kit, to give your teams the extra edge when competing. After all a well turned out team can be just the psychological boost they need to make them a winning team.
This was the case at Haberdashers’ Aske’s
Boys’ School, a Marathon customer for over 20 years which reviews their bags regularly. They changed to the Apollo sports bag a couple of years ago as they preferred the unstructured form which means it  ts in lockers easily but still has plenty of room inside. This year, when Frances Hogberg their shop manager was showing Marathon MD Janet Fay around the school’s new sports centre, which also houses the new school shop, the idea of matching
the sports bags to the sports kit was born. Marathon suggested a number of design options and produced drawings of these for the school to choose from. Once the choice was
made, Marathon made samples of the bags for  nal approval by the school. First deliveries of the new sports bags were made this summer, so watch out if you are competing against Haberdashers’ next year!
Bede’s school had a different issue. They wanted a new prep school bag which re ected their school colours bottle green and red. Marathon suggested their Olympic sports bag, one of their classic bags, but in green and red giving a whole new look to it. Next Bede’s set Marathon a new challenge; a senior school bag with more capacity and a look to tempt students from a sports brand to their own brand. The Hercules was chosen
and with its black, green and white design and the school logo the result is a very eye- catching bag indeed. Early indications are that it is going down extremely well with Bede’s students.
Marathon have a range of sports bags which are stocked in a wide variety of colours and can be customised to order. All their bags are made with high quality Tuf ite Nylon, built to last and styled for performance. In fact, Marathon are so con dent in their sports bags they are increasing the guarantee from 1 year to 3 years. Matching Marathon’s backpacks which already carry the fabulous warranty.
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