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Advertorial Feature
Eaton Square Upper School, Mayfair, is part of the Minerva Education Group of Schools and is an independent co- educational senior school opening in September 2017.
It is the senior school to the existing Eaton Square School in Eccleston Square.
Perry Uniform has been supplying Eaton Square
School since 2008 and they were excited to be given the opportunity to design the new senior uniform. The task of creating a uniform and sports kit can be daunting to some, so we’ve spoken to Sarah Harris, a School Relationship Manager at Perry Uniform, to  nd out more about what is involved.
Before designing the uniform what
was the brief the school gave you?
Meetings were held with the Principal, Sebastian Hepher, and Headmaster, Phillip Williams, to establish their vision for the uniform.
As a traditional school in central London, Eaton Square Upper wanted their uniform
42 Schoolwear & Sport
to be smart and distinctive and to look
well placed in its central London location. Therefore smart traditional styles that will not date were important.
Were there any design in uences?
The grade I listed building which houses the school was a source of inspiration for the designs. The geometric pattern on the boys’ tie and girls’ scarf were taken from a feature found in the building itself. By looking at a school’s surroundings it’s often possible to draw inspiration.
Explain the process of
designing a new uniform
Perry Uniform begin with an initial meeting
to determine the brief and understand the school’s branding requirements; this establishes a direction from which to move forward. Sometimes the school may not be aware of all the options available to them and so alternatives are often suggested.
Creating Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings of options, together with swatches of fabric, help the school to visualise their uniform. Feedback
is given to hone down the design options that enable samples to be made.
How long does it take
to design a uniform?
From our perspective we would like be briefed before the end of the summer term in the year preceding the launch to parents the following June. However, as with Eaton Square Upper, we have been able to design and deliver the uniform within a 6 month time frame. There are no hard and fast rules to this process!
What do you think the standout
features of the Eaton Square Upper
uniform are?
Whilst it was quickly decided that the boys would have a tie, there was a lot of conversation about what the girls should have. The school decided they wanted to have a scarf, which it was believed would be more in keeping with the stylish nature of the uniform. The geometric pattern, being such a unique design, helps the scarf to stand out.
The lining for the suit jacket was designed and printed with the school logo scattered across it to accent the school’s brand. By also making it gold it enabled a bold design. Linings are a brilliant way to inject colour while making use of the school crest and enhancing the school brand.
Do you have any advice for other
schools wanting to create a new
It’s rare that a school will have a clear understanding of the possibilities available to them – that’s where Perry come in! We can help with the whole process, from interpreting your ideas, giving you suggestions of things you may not have considered and designing a uniform and sports kit that conveys your identity and exceeds your expectations.
Contact Caroline Bunting at Perry Uniform to  nd out how Perry can work with you and your school.
Email: Tel: 0113 238 9520

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