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Driving Change
It’s taken three years in the making and looks like the type of car that’s perfect for driving on a sunny day with the top down. The 100% electric powered eco-friendly car, created by staff and pupils at King Edward’s Witley, is a shining example of how our cars will run in the future.
A total of 15 pupils from Year 10 upwards,
led by Anthony Johnson, Head of DT (Design Technology) at King Edward’s, worked on the challenging project to convert a Quantum 2+2 petrol car to an electric vehicle.
The vehicle is a 20-year old kit car that had started to show signs of its age. Three years ago Mr Johnson together with a group of pupils brought the car indoors, removed the engine and anything petrol related, and started the conversion and restoration process. This was done almost entirely in the School’s DT workshops.
Mr Johnson said, “With an appreciation of the environment, and its fragility, regularly featuring as educational themes which underpin King Edward’s Witley’s overall vision statement, this project has been instrumental in enlightening pupils to the cars they will be driving in the future. It’s also a good working study of basic mechanical and electrical
skills – useful for both boys and girls, not to mention an exciting project of which we are all extremely proud.”
Conquering the Picos
King’s Ely students reached new heights during an action-packed expedition in the Picos de Europa region of Northern Spain.
The group trekked from Fuente De to the iconic Naranjo de Bulnes, then north and west through the dramatic 100m deep Cares Gorge. They then pulled up through the mountains to return to Fuente De.
~ and young people pay the price
Back at School & Stressed Already?
~ top tips for staff
‘Cheating’ Exam Scandal
~ ‘Talking Point’ with two heads
Illustrious Future for Modern Languages
~ will the doom-sayers be confounded?
‘Heed the Paying Customer!’
~ perils lurk for unwary bursars
All Change at Girls~only Day School
~ boys & boarders on the way
New Leadership Scheme
~ designed to support women becoming heads
Pro le
~ in conversation with Thomas Garnier
Why Peace Matters
~ making space in the curriculum
Engagement Through Science
~ helping pupils think things through
Mobile phones prohibited
Creating a science facility from scratch
Enthusiasm for Parliamentary CPD course Examination results analysed
Charitable status – House of Lords latest
Enterprise courses prove a success for 10-year-olds From independent school via social action to teaching New middle-school diploma
Changing Faces...Changing Places
Minibus licensing – keep safe, keep legal
Catering & Food
Introducing AGBIS
Music, Drama & Dance Focus Feature
Sports & Schoolwear Focus Feature
Buildings Focus Feature
Equestrian Successes
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