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New leadership scheme to develop women head teachers
State and independent girls’ schools are working together to support more women into the top jobs in schools.
An innovative new mentoring scheme has been launched to encourage women teachers to learn the skills required for senior leadership in schools.
Women are under-represented at head teacher level, yet make up the majority of the workforce in schools. 74% of teachers are women, but just 62% are in the top jobs. Future Leaders have suggested that there could be as many as 1,700 female leaders ‘missing’ from England’s schools. There is a crisis reported
in the numbers of head teachers in our schools, with a shortage of up to 19,000 senior leaders predicted by 2022.
The mentoring scheme is free to women teaching at schools in the Girls’ Schools Association (‘GSA’)
and the Association of State Girls’ Schools (‘ASGS’). They will begin working to develop leadership potential with high-performing mentors from the worlds of business, the justice system, public service
and the Army, attracted and co- ordinated by Bright Field Consulting.
senior leadership roles. As more schools become academies, head teachers increasingly need to add business and  nance management skills to their portfolio.
The scheme will offer practical operational and emotional support, coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to network. Women can join the scheme at any point
in their career, whether the next leadership step for them might be running a school project or running a department.
Mentors have been chosen from non-education spheres so they can share wide ranging key leadership expertise and skills. They include Sandhurst’s  rst female Lieutenant Colonel, Lucy Giles, ‘Defence Woman of the Year 2016’; Sir John Cridland, Chairman, Transport for the North and former Director- General of the Confederation
of British Industry (CBI); Helen Browning, chief executive of the Soil Association; and Cathy McCullough, a leading criminal and civil barrister.
Independent and state school teachers will work together in the scheme, with each GSA participant
paired with an ASGS counterpart, so they can share experiences outside their current school context. As
well as meeting separately with their mentor, each pair will work together on a local community project, paving the way for
further independent-state school partnerships.
Each participant will  rst undergo personal pro ling. This will
enable Bright Field Consulting
to match mentees with the most appropriate mentor, creating positive relationships for maximum effectiveness. They will then meet regularly for two years.
Charlotte Avery, President of the GSA and Headmistress of St Mary’s School, Cambridge, said:
“School leadership is key to improving school performance and enhancing children’s life chances. It is important we all consider the ways in which we can help fellow women in the profession progress to become senior leaders – and to work with our state sector colleagues alike so that everyone can bene t.
“Some highly capable women can be reticent about putting themselves forward for leadership roles, either because they lack self-con dence
or because they worry about how
to balance home life with the physical and emotional demands of leadership. This programme enables more women to step into a wide range of school leadership positions and, eventually, headships.”
The scheme will offer opportunities
to develop the skills needed for
Interested teachers should contact
Second school in China
The Hymers College, Yorkshire, Learning Resource Centre has been shortlisted for the School Library Association’s Inspiration Award 2017.
The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is the newest addition
to Hymers College’s facilities. Since its of cial opening in
April of 2016, the LRC has given students all the tools they need to study independently and has subsequently become the busiest building in the school.
LRC manager, Sarah Tenniswood, commented “The LRC is an absolutely stunning space that provides our students with a breadth of resources to encourage
independent learning; with a staff support network always
on hand. It’s an absolutely lovely environment and I aim to ensure every area in the building continues to be effectively utilised.”
The SLA inspiration award is given to the library space that shows inspiration, innovation, creativity and resourcefulness in both its design and use.
The awards presentation will
be held in London next month (October). Participants are required to deliver a 5 minute presentation addressing the journey, challenges and bene ts of their library.
Wycombe Abbey International School has signed an agreement to open Hengqin Wycombe Abbey International School on September 1st 2019.
The School will be located in Hengqin Special Area, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, a 15-minute drive from Macau and a 30-minute drive from Hong Kong Airport. Once completed, the School will have the largest international school facilities in the Pearl Delta area.
WAIS Hengqin will be a co- educational boarding school offering the National Curriculum of England and Wales and will cover pre-prep through to secondary
school for more than 1,000 pupils. The School is expected to open on September 1st, 2019 to mark the 20th anniversary of Macau’s return to China.
Wycombe Abbey Headmistress Rhiannon Wilkinson said, “After enjoying the impressive growth
and success of Wycombe Abbey International School, Changzhou, over the past year, it is wonderful that we can already look forward to the opening of a second school in China. I am sure that the students in Hengqin will  ourish with the introduction of our unique boarding environment, British curriculum
and Chinese language and culture courses.”
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