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Pupils cook up a storm
Talented chef Emma Keith found the perfect recipe for success when she won  rst prize in her school’s annual Bake Off competition.
Emma, 11, was named winner of the Cook Club Contest at Beaconhurst School near Stirling after impressing the judging panel with an Oriental Stir Fry and a tasty `Floating Island’ dessert.
She and her fellow  nalists, who attend an after-school Cook Club run by Catering Manager Marie Brunton, had to make a two-course meal of their choice with a £10 budget in two hours.
They were observed as they cooked and judged on technique, presentation, cleanliness, housekeeping skills and taste.
Emma said: “I was delighted to win and I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the Cook Club.
“Before the  nal, I went through lots of recipe books at home and picked out a stir fry which included chicken, garlic, ginger, sesame and noodles.
“I tried it out on my parents who enjoyed it and then made it for the contest and I was just estatic when I was told I was the winner.”
Emma also created a dessert featuring homemade meringues and custard which Mrs Brunton described as “absolutely delicious.”
She said: “Emma was the clear winner of the competition, her presentation was very good, her housekeeping was excellent and the food tasted great plus she made everything from scratch.
“I liked the fact that she was always thinking ahead, she knew exactly what she was doing and also went the extra mile to make everything she created really special.”
Emma’s proud mum Dawn Keith
is delighted to be able to take advantage of her daughter’s cooking skills at home.
She said: “She’s always had a keen interest in cooking and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Cook Club.
“We’re so proud of her and what really impressed me was the way she picked out her recipes herself and followed the instructions to the tee.
Bake off
All eleven Senior Houses
at Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire, baked a cake for the highly competitive Bromsgrove Bake-Off 2017.
The theme this year was Recreation and the cakes on display ranged
“She even made custard from scratch and the noodle stir fry was amazing – we’ll de nitely be asking her to make that dish again!”
Emma was presented with a trophy for her efforts and the two joint runners-up Emma Carmen, 11,
and Zoe Gourley, 10, were also commended for their dishes.
Zoe made a sticky sausage BBQ wrap with sweet potato wedges followed by a chocolate pot trio for dessert.
Emma cooked a peri peri chicken dish with a Jamaician salad plus homemade pancakes with berry coulis.
from Wimbledon to Rugby, to a recreation of House Song.
Housman Hall’s swimming pool entry, complete with blue coloured liquid, was judged the winner by the Headmaster, Mr Peter Clague (pictured centre).
The competition was judged by
Mrs Brunton, Beaconhurst head
chef Andy McDougall, food service assistant Joanne Czartoryjtka and headteacher Sandra Bannerman with help from former winners Sam Hyde and Jake Gourley.
Pictured: Recipe for Success... Bake Off 2017 Winner Emma Keith (left) with the School’s Catering Manager Marie Brunton and runner-up Emma Carmen
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