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Visionary heads putting young minds to work
This academic year 2016/17, forward-looking head teachers from seven leading prep schools incorporated enterprise courses into their curriculum for children aged 10-11 to introduce them to the workings of the business world. They did so in association with Stride – an education enrichment partnership that designs and delivers challenging programmes to open children’s minds to the world of business and enterprise.
Stride has been working with teachers and pupils in the South East and Greater London area to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset by giving young
people the skills, knowledge
and aspirations they need to be successful in our fast-changing world of work. This year Stride’s courses culminated at the end
of last term at St Teresa’s Prep School, Surrey, with the children’s business teams competing against each other at a ‘Perfect Pitch’  nal event in front of a judging panel which included the prep school’s head, Sarah Conrad and Annie Emmerson, the former team GB triathlete.
Sarah Conrad commented, “Our pupils gained a tremendous amount from completing the Stride business course. Not only have they learnt the basics of business, but the accountancy skills they acquired enhanced their mathematics curriculum and the
pitches they had to give developed their public speaking skills. It was an extremely worthwhile addition to our curriculum and I would strongly recommend it to any other school.”
The ‘Putting Young Minds to Work’ course is a programme
of 6 to 8 sessions delivered
by experienced trainers, all of whom have a background in business. The emphasis is on making the programme as ‘real life’ as possible and so the children are loaned £40 per team and the expectation is that the business they design, set-up
and run makes a pro t. Nikki
de Bruin, Stride’s Co-Founder added, “Stride is injecting the 4th R, what we call Real Life experience, into the education system by designing unique programmes combining business theory with practical experience, all delivered by trainers with a
to reinforce theory and build skills through learning-by-doing.”
Each ‘Putting Young Minds to Work’ course culminates in a  nal event which sees the school’s teams competing with each
other to win the ‘Perfect Pitch award. First the children present their research, marketing plans, budgets and products to a team of judges and this is followed by the products being put to test ‘in-market’ as they go on sale on stalls at the schools. All children receive a Stride work experience accreditation certi cate and there are awards for the most pro t made as well as the team which gave the best presentation.
Using pupils’ pre and post course self-assessment questionnaires, Stride issues schools with Impact Reports which can be used to show parents, governors and inspectorate bodies.
David Alexander, Head Master
at Newland House School in Twickenham said, “It’s the  rst time in their lives that many of the children have actually thought about commerce in an interactive way and Stride has opened an engaging door for them into the world of business. I think they love to blend their creativity into the practical components of the course which resulted in some striking marketing and novel ideas. They will be able to use their new skills and understanding in their future studies and hopefully will ultimately become genuine entrepreneurs themselves. All in all, it was a very worthwhile programme which our Year 6 girls
and Year 8 boys have embraced, and has helped them explore and exploit their business acumen.”
The academic year 2016/17 saw Stride work with the following independent schools to deliver the ‘Putting Young Minds to Work’ programme:
1. St Teresa’s, Ef ngham
2. Hampton Court House, Hampton
3. Newland House School, Twickenham
4. Twickenham Prep School, Hampton
5. Kew College, Kew
6. St Nicholas Preparatory School, London
7. Terra Nova School, Cheshire
Reaching over 3,000 children aged 9-18 and growing, Stride works with schools, charitable organisations and businesses to enrich children’s learning. Stride offers a range of unique business courses, that reach younger children (year 5) and also older children (years 7 to 10). And 2017/18 will see the introduction of new courses designed for children from years 11 up to sixth form.
business background.
The aim is
For more details on Stride’s ‘Putting Young Minds to Work’ programmes, please get in touch with Nikki de Bruin, co-founder at / 07986 336134.
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Sarah Conrad, Headmistress at St Teresa’s School discussing a business plan with one of her pupils.
David Alexander, Headmaster at Newland House with a school team ready to put their business to the test as their stall opens for sale.

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