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Charitable status
– latest political exchanges
Baroness Tonge, the former Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond Park in London from 1997 to 2005 and now an independent life peer, asked in
the House of Lords whether the Government has considered ending the charitable status of private schools, ‘which some people see
as of rather dubious bene t to the community and state schools?’
Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, responded:
“We have not considered that because we do not plan to do
it. Were we to lean heavily on the independent sector, it would probably result in a much greater burden on the state sector, because there is no doubt that the country saves a huge amount of money on state education
by the number of people who
go to private schools. We have, however, made it absolutely clear that although the independent sector does a great deal to support state schools in terms
of both bursaryships and school partnerships up and down the country—I was recently in York, where there is a strong school partnership—we think that some independent schools can do more. We are in active discussions with the Independent Schools Council and the other independent school organisations. They are very willing to help and we will be working with them so that they can help the state sector much more. There is a lot that they
can do to help the state sector— particularly in teaching, the use of sports facilities and sports personnel and preparing pupils for applications to university.”
50th anniversary
Staff were joined by the schools’ board of directors to celebrate
ACS International Schools’ 50th year anniversary. The celebratory lunch began a series of year-long events and activities with students, staff, parents, alumni and friends of ACS, which recognise this important milestone for the schools.
Founded in 1967 by Gordon E Speed and Emmanuel J Poularas, to meet the needs of local and global families, they opened the
 rst ACS School in Hampstead, London with one division
and 35 students. Today ACS International Schools educates over 3,700 students, aged two to 18, representing 100 nationalities at its three UK schools in Surrey and Greater London as well as one in Doha, Qatar.
At the celebratory lunch, staff enjoyed a special ‘50’ birthday cake and a commemorative photo (below) at their Cobham Campus.
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