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Recognition scheme for boarding staff
The world’s  rst professional recognition scheme for staff who work in boarding schools has been launched by the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA).
 Dale Wilkins
Q. What is Accredited Boarding Practitioner scheme?
BSA Accredited Boarding Practitioner status is an individual recognition of
those boarding staff who are making a personal, professional commitment to best boarding practice. To be considered,
all applicants are expected to meet the following core commitments:
• Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
• Achieving the best boarding practice and the best outcomes for boarders
• Re ecting on practice and undertaking regular training
• Working collaboratively with other boarding colleagues.
Q. Who can apply?
Any member of staff who works in boarding can apply once
the minimum criteria for the different Accredited Practitioner levels are met.
Q. What are the levels?
The BSA’s Accredited Boarding Practitioner scheme will allow the 5,000-plus staff who work in the UK’s 480 boarding schools and 60+ schools around the world to apply to be recognised as boarding professionals.
The scheme has four levels linked to experience working
in boarding and evidence of professional development undertaken. Boarding staff need to have worked in boarding for at least one year before they can apply to be considered, while those with over seven years’
There are four levels:
• LEVEL 1 – A boarding member of staff who has completed
at least one year in boarding, undertaken key training and met the key commitments
• LEVEL 2 – Someone who has worked in boarding for at least three years, met the key commitments and completed the BSA Certi cate Course or equivalent
• LEVEL 3 – A person managing boarding, or an aspect of boarding, within their own school, has served for a total of seven years in boarding, consistently met the key commitments, and has completed the BSA Diploma Course or equivalent
• LEVEL 4 – Someone who has been a boarding practitioner
for 12 years or more, has consistently met the key commitments, has completed the BSA Diploma or equivalent, and has made a signi cant contribution to boarding beyond
experience can apply to be recognised at the highest level.
“The Accredited Boarding Practitioner scheme means
that for the  rst time the army of extremely hard-working professionals who endeavour to deliver outstanding pastoral care to young people in boarding schools can have their skills and experience of cially recognised,” said BSA Head of Safeguarding and Standards Dale Wilkins.
“This is obviously a signi cant development for individual staff, but it will also play an important
their own setting, for example as a course tutor or similar.
Q. How do I apply?
Please follow the links below to download:
• Information pack
• Application form
• Professional endorsement form.
Applications may be submitted by email or by post.
The application form will ask for details of boarding experience, training, key safeguarding information and a brief personal statement. In addition, all applicants at practitioner and professional status will require
an endorsement by the person responsible for boarding within the school. Managers and leaders will require an equivalent professional endorsement.
Q. What is the cost?
• Level 1 – £50 (inc. VAT) • Level 2 – £100 (inc. VAT) • Level 3 – £150 (inc. VAT)
role in demonstrating and raising standards across the whole boarding sector and supporting safe recruitment.”
Staff who work at independent boarding schools across the UK, and England’s 36 state boarding schools, will be able to apply
to become accredited boarding practitioners.
And they will be able to retain their accredited status if they move on to more senior positions in boarding at other schools in the UK or overseas.
• Level 4 – £200 (inc. VAT)
There is an annual membership fee of £15.
Q. How long does it last?
Once granted, status is permanent, unless moving up to the next level, but recipients will be invited to update their portfolio of information annually.
Q. What are the bene ts?
In addition to the appropriate professional designation as an Accredited Boarding Practitioner the scheme has the following bene ts:
• Certi cate and pin/lapel badge
• Termly dedicated newsletter
• ‘Boarding Practitioner’ for Level 1 and 2 practitioners
• ‘Boarding Manager’ for Level 3 and 4 practitioners
• Dedicated online peer support forum
• 20% discount on BSA publications
• Offers from selected partners.
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