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Renewed drive
for accessibility
King Edward’s School, Birmingham has launched its renewed drive
for accessibility in a bid to secure permanent need-blind admission to the school.
Last year, the school completed
a £10m campaign for Assisted Places, which is currently funding 100 boys through the school.
At events held in London and Birmingham in September 2017, the school shared its new ambition to maintain the current levels of assistance whilst also building a £30m endowment fund to secure the provision of Assisted Places for generations to come.
Dr Mark Fenton, Chief Master
of King Edward’s School, said: “An endowment of £30m is an ambitious target, and one which will take many years to secure, but it is fundamental if we are to ensure the prosperity of this great school and the boys who come here.
“If we achieve our aim, then
we will have reached a point of need-blind admission, where
all boys of academic talent will be able to take up a place at
the school, regardless of their parents’  nancial circumstances. This will not only bene t the school and the boys themselves, but will also have a positive impact on social mobility and, in turn, the wider region.
“The remarkable generosity of over 1,600 alumni and other supporters has already changed the lives of 100 boys, and I hope that they will continue to support us as we seek to change the lives of generations more.”
The school launched the next phase of its fundraising with
two events hosted by alumni ambassadors. The  rst was hosted by the Rt Hon. Lord Willetts at the Serpentine Pavilion on Monday,
11 September, and the second by the inaugural Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, at King Edward’s School on Friday, 22 September. An additional event for North American alumni, hosted by Lee Child in New York, takes place this month (October).
Pupils from Heath eld School, Berkshire took part in a science experiment with a difference when they experienced the principles of  ying – propulsion, thrust, lift and drag – for themselves by rising 20ft above the ground in a hot air balloon.
Once back on terra  rma, the girls conducted further experiments
in a fun day of science involving marshmallows and water rockets. They were joined by 32 Year 5 pupils from Godstowe Preparatory School in High Wycombe who were keen to get a taste of
science lessons at Heath eld and see for themselves the school’s innovative, purpose-built STEM building, opened by Sir Robert Winston, which provides a hub
to drive forward the study of key rigorous academic subjects, science, technology, engineering and maths.
Warhol Month. Selected artists were invited to create a piece of work inspired by Warhol and these works were enlarged and exhibited on the streets of Croydon with
60 organised tours of the work happening during September. Dan’s painting was inspired by Warhol’s series of images of the Stone’s frontman after a trip to England in the 1970’s.
Prior to his trip to Beirut, Dan also painted a mural of Captain Cook at The Lighthorseman pub, York, organised by Art Of Protest Gallery, a new contemporary art space in York on Little Stonegate.
Back at Pocklington School, Dan and his team have started the new term teaching in Phase One of the School’s new £2.5 million Art and Design Technology Centre. Work continues on Phase Two, which is expected to open to students in the Autumn.
Head of Art’s commissions
Pocklington School, Yorkshire, Head of Art Dan Cimmermann has ful lled artistic commissions in London, York and Beirut.
The project in Beirut was
organised by Rise Gallery, London in collaboration with a Lebanese charitable organisation, Ahla Fawda.
Both parties are interested in the transformative power of street art in deprived or neglected urban environments.
Artists from the UK and worldwide were invited to take part alongside Lebanese artists to paint a bridge in Aley, in the hills above Beirut and collaborate on projects organised around an arts festival hosted by Ahla Fawda. The bridge was on the main road from Beirut to Damascus.
Dan painted three pieces at the bridge, a piece of work in a Lebanese prison and his largest ever mural to date, a seven metre tall wall piece overlooking the city below. Street artists such as Ben Eine and Dotmasters were among the list of artists involved, infamous for their street art in the UK and worldwide.
 Also commissioned by Rise Gallery
was Dan’s portrait of Mick Jagger,
which formed part of the Gallery’s
Pictured: Dan Cimmermann in Beirut with his seven metre high wall piece.
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