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Applications for pilot programme now open
New Chartered
Teacher programme
~ the details
The development of a programme to allow teachers to achieve Chartered Teacher status has been a central focus of the Chartered College of Teaching since its launch earlier this year. Details of the programme have now been announced and applications to join the pilot cohort must be made by the end of this month (October).
How to apply
150 teachers will be accepted on to the pilot programme, which will start in January 2018 and will take 14 months to complete. Participants in the pilot programme will pay
a reduced fee of £450; the full cost of the programme will
be £850, with the cost spread across the programme.
Application Forms – which must be completed by the end of October – are available at: chartered-teacher/chartered- teacher-how-to-apply
input from the Chartered College’s Professional Pathways Advisory Group and from surveys, focus groups and individual interviews with teachers, school leaders, teacher educators, sector experts and the wider teaching profession.
vision, sharing good practice and resources and that the students at Westholme receive an excellent experience of geography.
Westholme has an innovative department which uses imaginative and creative ways of teaching and engaging teaching strategies. The department offers a good range
of  eldwork and makes the most of the local area providing a range of opportunities for students to debate and question, and engage in critical thinking. The school also bene ts from having good links with external agencies, and visiting lecturers offer challenging and stimulating opportunities for the students.
  Chartered Teacher status will recognise the knowledge, skills and behaviours of excellent teachers, highlighting the importance of their expertise in supporting
the learning of children and
young people. This represents
the  rst step in the development of a career pathway focused
on effective classroom practice, not leadership. It will also bring teaching in line with other professions, where recognition
of expertise and expectation of career-long professional learning are well-established.
In order to complete the programme and achieve Chartered Teacher status, participants will undertake a range of different assessments. These assessments will allow them to showcase their
knowledge and skills against the areas set out in the Chartered College’s Professional Principles. These principles highlight the importance of deep subject knowledge, understanding of pedagogy and assessment, excellent classroom practice,
as well as critical evaluation, engagement with research evidence and a desire to contribute to the profession.
Assessments in the pilot programme will include rigorous written and oral assignments, completion of a professional development plan, participation in debate activities, a small-scale research or improvement project, and submission of a portfolio of videos of practice, work samples and re ections.
During the course of the programme, participants will attend four face-to-face training and assessment days. Applicants will also be expected to participate in a range of online activities, with each element designed not just
to test a teacher’s knowledge and skills, but also to provide them with development opportunities and equip them with behaviours and approaches to evaluation
and personal development, to ensure they continue to develop their practice. Participants on the programme will be supported
by an experienced mentor throughout.
The pilot programme and the set of Professional Principles against which the pilot cohort will be assessed have been developed with
impressed by the manner in which all are continuing to embrace
new and innovative approaches to teaching geography.
The SGQM recognises student attainment, progress and achievement in geographical knowledge, understanding, values and skills, and sets expectations about the quality of teaching
in geography. It promotes effective subject leadership and management, helping subject leaders raise the standards of geography in their schools.
There was some excellent feedback from the assessors, who felt
that the geography department work well as a team, with a clear
Geography Quality Mark
Westholme School, Lancashire, has been awarded the Secondary Geography Quality Mark. This award recognises quality and progress in geography leadership,
curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools. All the award winners undergo
a rigorous moderation process, and the team of assessors were
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