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                 ExpErts in pErformancE floors for
middlEsEx uniVErsitY mEdia cEntrE BlocK B and c
architect: BPR Architects Building constructor: Interserve product speci ed: Harlequin Activity sprung  oor panels and Cascade vinyl in grey
Harlequin Floors are world renowned manufactures and Our products are easy to specify
installers of sprung dance  oors and vinyls, ballet barres and mirrors for all dance studios and performance spaces.
With over 40 years experience, Harlequin has an enviable reputation having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious dance and performing art schools, leading architects and building contractors within the education industry.
Contact us now for our free Guide for Architects and for free samples Freephone: 0800 28 99 32 • enquiries@harlequin
from the NBS product selector on RIBA or via the architects page on our website.
                                                                                               /harlequin oors @HarlequinFloors

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