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Crisis Management Specialists
You have just received a call from a very upset parent who has seen a picture on social media of your school bus following what looks like a serious collision. Can you con dently answer these ques ons?
What would you do  rst?
Go to the scene,
or lead from the school?
Panicked parents, emergency services, the media – how do you manage them all?
Can you
prevent rumour and panic back at the school?
How well would you cope?
Is your Emergency Plan actually fit for purpose?
Our impact focused approach provides a clear, simple response for different emergencies:
O site Dynamic Emergency Lockdown
Onsite Emergency
• Are your plans usable?
• Could other sta  follow them?
Log Books
• Do you know how to log? • Would your logging
protect you in court?
Business Con nuity
“We suspected that we had a fairly strong emergency plan in place, but we knew that the plan was only part of it and that we needed to exercise and train to ensure we could respond properly.”
Samantha Sawyer,
Head Mistress, Staines Preparatory School
Our Services
Training & Exercising
• Are your plans embedded? • Have they been tested?
Business Continuity
• Could you recover from losing your building?
• How long would it take?
Health Checks
• What are your risks?
• How well would you cope?
• Do you safeguard from radicalisa on?
• Are you prepared for Channel Panels?
• Do you need case support?
Our Network:
We are privileged to have worked for a number of years with local and na onal agencies,
and have built up an important network, spanning police,  re and rescue services,
the Department of Communi es and Local Government, and The Cabinet O ce.
Plan Writing
Our Advice:
• Is based on na onal and interna onal best prac ce.
• Ensures that your emergency response plan dovetails into local emergency support services. • Limits damage to the commercial interests of the school.
Hyper connec vity in a world of social media means that now more than ever, one bad decision can have serious consequences.
Contact Us: | 01183 481 522 | for a confidential no commitment discussion on how we might help.

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