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Top performing school jazz band
The Towers Convent School, Sussex, has been awarded
the ISM / ISM Trust’s Gold Certi cate. This award puts the school in the top 76 schools
in England with regard to achievement in music.
Deborah Annetts, Chief
Executive of the ISM – the professional body for musicians – congratulated the school, saying:
‘We are delighted to recognise The Towers’ achievement
in music and celebrate the commitment to music education shown by the school in their high uptake and high achievement of pupils.
‘Music is a valuable subject, it brings value in itself to pupils as well as supporting achievement in other subjects. Music also opens doors and generates educational opportunities for pupils from all backgrounds. We are delighted that The Towers values music within their school curriculum and as the professional body
for musicians and a subject association for music education, we are delighted to recognise this high level of achievement with this certi cate.’
The certi cate is awarded by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and the ISM Trust (
Staff and pupils at Edge Grove School, Hertfordshire, are celebrating the news that the school’s jazz band has broken a record as being the  rst school band in the UK to win the highest possible Platinum award both regionally and nationally, in the National Concert Band Festival Finals this month.
The school faced tough competition from other participating schools and this
was the  rst year Edge Grove
had competed in both contests. Having already won a platinum award in the jazz band regionals late last year, the school’s talented and dedicated band went on to reign as champions again as the
only school in the country to win platinum on a national level too.
Headmaster Ben Evans commented on the achievement: “The energy, talent and enthusiasm of our performing jazz band was truly magni cent and it makes me
very proud. We were delighted
to be recognised at a regional
level but to win platinum again
at a national level is frankly outstanding and very well deserved as the children and the teachers have worked so hard training for this moment.”
Mr Evans also thanked music teacher Jessica Eglinton who
has worked tirelessly with the children to support them in their endeavours.
Gold certi cate
Playing at professional standard
Skilled violin player and Moreton Hall, Shropshire, Sixth Form student, Elizabeth Walsh, recently played with talented young instrumentalists and professional performers in the Hallé Youth Orchestra.
The Hallé Youth Orchestra, established in 2002, offers
the nation’s most skilled musicians, aged 13-19 years
a chance to play in a full symphony orchestra. Last month (April), they performed at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester; the event incorporated the Youth Orchestra and all the variants of Halle Youth Choirs. The second performance was a pre-concert for the Hallé Orchestra itself which followed a theme of exotic
30 Music, Dance & Drama
Mexican and Latin American music on Thursday 30th April.
Elizabeth commented: “It’s a great experience to play with such a renowned orchestra.
I’m learning a great deal and relishing the opportunity to play with some fantastic musicians. We are fortunate to work with the Hallé and since I’m in the 1st violins I work with Lyn Fletcher (leader of the Hallé!). I’m really enjoying my time there and can’t wait for the tour in the summer!”
Elizabeth will join Hallé Youth Orchestra again in summer for a week’s residency and she will also take her place again in the National Youth Orchestra of Wales for another summer residency.

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