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Flying high!
Primary pupils at Derby High School were given an insight into life at Manchester Airport.
Twenty-eight Year 3 pupils visited the airport as part of their ‘Where in the World’ topic which sees them learning about different countries and continents around the globe.
During their day at the airport they sat in the  ight deck of an aeroplane and were shown the controls.
They also learnt about the different jobs that people do at an airport and how air traf c control works. They watched aircraft take off, learnt about arrivals and departures and saw Concorde on display.
When they returned to school, pupils were asked to write an account of their day and to write a letter to the airport to practise formal letter writing.
Richard Gould, class teacher, said the children thoroughly enjoyed their day. He said: “Having learnt about Concorde at school the children were then delighted to see Concorde on display at the airport. We then made our way to Terminal 2 where we learnt all about arrivals and departures and found out exactly how suitcases arrive at the correct places”.
Breaking Ground
Wellington College, Berkshire, returns to the celebrated Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show this month (May) with its second garden ‘Breaking Ground’, designed by Wilson McWilliam Studio. The garden highlights the College’s ambition to break down the barriers to a life-changing education by making it possible for more young people to attend the College regardless of their  nancial situation.
A central feature of the garden is the series of monumental, transparent, steel walls. The 4m high structures express the concept of the disappearing walls of accessing education – allowing students to access a Wellington
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education based on their ability rather than their  nancial circumstances. Over 200 students from the family of Wellington schools in the UK and in China have handwritten personal messages about their visions for the future. These thoughts are inscribed onto the boundary wall in an explosive, wave-like manner.
The heathland planting at the rear of the garden references the original, bleak heathland landscape in Berkshire, into which Wellington College was established in the 1850s. The garden simultaneously highlights the plight of this habitat – one of the most threatened in the world with more than 80% of lowland heaths
having been destroyed since the 19th century. These expanses of semi-wilderness are home to birch, pine and oak with Molinia dominating the herb layer beneath. Rare species of violet and occasional orchids populate the sward.
Julian Thomas, 14th Master at Wellington College said: “The garden magni cently symbolises the breaking down of the walls associated with an independent education and truly represents our collective ambition to do all we can to provide an outstanding and inspiring education for as many young people as possible”.
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