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Eco-classroom opened
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A brand new eco-classroom for the Stephen Perse Foundation, designed to “keep the magic” of playing and learning outside, has now been of cially opened near the Foundation’s nature reserve in Cambridgeshire.
Pupils at the Stephen Perse Foundation’s Pre-Prep and Junior Schools regularly take a stroll
to Latham Road to visit our Nature Reserve and Forest School where you can often  nd them searching for bugs, cooking up
a feast in the mud kitchen or  nding the best wood to make a bow and arrow.
Their adventures are set to get
even more interesting with the
eco-classroom’s inside space which will provide a setting for their Forest School studies – having the ability to search the web for the species of insect they have found or recording their days for a project.
Having the space will also support creative outdoor play, allotment gardening, survival games, den building, map reading and lots of outdoor adventures in between.
Pictured: Pupils from the Stephen Perse Foundation Pre-Prep and Junior Schools, as well as Principal Tricia Kelleher and Bursar Jenny Neild, cut the ribbon and declare the classroom open.
Children unlock local heritage
Children from Brabyns Preparatory School, Cheshire, enjoyed an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ visit to Lock 14 on the Peak Forest Canal recently.
During their visit, the children were able to see original 200-year-old brickwork at close range, see how the huge gates operate, discover the importance of limestone in the lock’s construction, learn more about the history of the canal and see one of the  nest examples of
working heritage in the world – all just a stone’s throw from the School. They also got to ask a lot of questions.
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