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“Oceans of change, waves of Opportunity
– Transforming risks and uncertainty into possibilities”
The ISBI 2017 Marketing & Admissions Conference - which once again will be held at Frensham Heights School, Surrrey - will take as its theme Martin Luther King Jr’s famous statement: ‘the ultimate measure of a man is not where
he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.’
In light of the signi cant changes over the past 12 months and the ensuing uncertainty how can independent schools transcend these risks to continue to maintain and improve student recruitment?
Top Keynote Speakers
Casper Berry
Are the decisions that I am taking the right decisions to get me to where I want to go?
Caspar’s presentations are uplifting, funny, thought-provoking and
stimulating. Audiences love the entertainment, and walk away with new ideas that they can use to improve their lives. His key messages revolve around the need to embrace uncertainty and take calculated risks in order to get
the edge and achieve success. He is a catalyst for change and his famously upbeat, energetic style is always inspirational.
Joy Marsden
Keep Stepping!® in the midst of challenge and change
Be prepared for a breath of fresh air – Joy Marsden is known for
her incredible purpose- lled, healthy perspective to work and everyday pressures. Whereas others push you to work harder and
make more sacri ces, Joy focuses on working with excellence and stepping through challenges in order to stand out. A light-hearted, engaging message with powerful insights that simply work.
Wide range of Workshops & Seminars
• Skillsfortheultimateleadershipandengagement
• Crisismanagement–preparing,managingandtheaftermath
• Marketingthatsupportsyourcharitablestatus
• Findyourcontentsweetspot–Howtousecontentmarketingtofuel your marketing and staff recruitment
• Thenatureofdigitalchange
• Stakeholder-ledmarketing–Howtoturnstakeholdersintoeveryday ambassadors
• Risk,uncertaintyanddecisionmaking
• DataSmart:Anintroductiontousinganalytics,usertrackingand marketing automation to improve customer experience and increase conversion
• Socialmedia–whatschoolsaredoing,whattheyarenotdoingand what they should be doing
• UnderstandingtheChineseMarket
• Howtocreateasocialmediastrategyinunderonehour
• Using  lm as your ‘Shop Window’ – setting the tone of your school’s message
To  nd out more about speakers and workshops or to see what last year’s delegates had to say, please visit our website or contact Tel: 01980 620575
Earlybird tickets for this event on October 5th are available until 25th June at £210 plus vat
5th October 2017
isbi schools Marketing and Admissions Conference
Frensham Heights, Farnham
If you are interested in new challenges and want to learn from top keynote business speakers and marketing professionals making a difference in their schools, or to attend workshops by marketing specialists and experts in their  eld then book now for our 7th annual Marketing and Admissions Conference. A wide range of workshops to choose from ensures that each individual delegate will be able to tailor their day to suit them.
Earlybird tickets available until 25th June at £210 plus vat
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