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New initiative to attract more families to independent education
As many parents dealt with last month’s news that their child had
not won a place at the primary school of their choice – as many as 1 in4insomeareas-an independent school in Sussex demonstrated that the actual cost of private schooling for a four-year-old can be as little as just £72 a week.
A new infographic designed
by Burgess Hill Girls, Sussex, demonstrates that the extended school day can reduce childcare costs while free after-school activities and clubs also represent a saving. And once free breakfast and tea, on top of a hot lunch, are factored in, many families could  nd that an independent school education is within their reach.
Burgess Hill Girls Interim Head
Liz Laybourn said ‘So many families assume that the cost of an independent school education is beyond their means, but we’re showing in one handy infographic that there are a number of signi cant savings that should be factored in before they make a decision.’
Burgess Hill Girls offers teacher- supervised activities from 8am to 6pm. This is an additional four hours a day compared to state schools, time which may need to be covered by additional paid-for childcare.
And the estimated cost saving to parents at Burgess Hill Girls, of free after-school clubs could be as much as £350 a year. This is based on their child attending two after-school clubs per week over 35 weeks, assuming a typical cost
of £5 per club.
Mrs Laybourn said: ‘Of course,
the decision to educate your child in the independent sector
is about far more than money. For example, the pupil-teacher ratio in independent schools is, typically, almost half that of state schools, meaning more one-to-
one time with your four year old and more effective teaching from day one.’
Studies show that the standard for reading and mathematics
at independent schools exceeds state schools even at the age of four. And children who have an all-through schooling in the independent sector gain the
equivalent of an additional two years of education.
Mrs Laybourn said: ‘We really hope the infographic gives parents all the information they need to make an informed decision about choosing the right school for their four-year-old. It’s one of the most important they will ever make.’
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