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120th anniversary with a full programme of events
it isn’t just the fashions that have changed, but also where uniform is available - during the school’s earlier years, it was only possible to purchase certain items of school clothing from Harrods!
The festivities continued throughout the day with a treasure hunt around the school campus for the Pre-Prep, celebratory cake at lunchtime for all staff and pupils, and later on in the afternoon, commemorative Chapel Services for both Prep and Senior Departments. While these were formal services, with all staff in full gowns, an atmosphere of celebration and revelry was maintained throughout.
Rounding off the celebrations was a formal dinner for the Sixth Form, at which Margaret Angus - the school’s seventh Head, who was
in post from 1987-1991 - gave a speech about the importance of the students making the most of the opportunities presented to them, asC post-school life rapidly approaches M for many of them.
a feature of the school grounds thaMtY
is over 80 years old - to its former
Pictured: Headmaster James Harrison holds a photo of  rst ever Saint Felix School pupils. Image by Lesley Roberts
Holocaust Day - memories
Saint Felix School, Suffolk, celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. On Saint Felix Day, a special whole school Assembly highlighted the school’s traditions over the years as well as a formal dinner for the Sixth Form in the evening. With additional projects taking place over the year, the occasion was a joyful one for staff and pupils alike.
Saint Felix Day began with a commemorative Assembly for
the whole school, from Pre-Prep through to Sixth Form, led by Headmaster James Harrison. The Assembly looked back over the school’s twelve decades of history, brought to life through the changes in school uniform over the years, modelled by some of the current pupils. The items, which had been taken from the school archives for the occasion, ranged from original winter hats from the 1920s to 1960s capes. As Mr Harrison pointed out,
While Holocaust Day provides an opportunity for people around the world to consider the events and consequences of a tumultuous period in world history, for Saint Felix School, Suffolk, the day had particular signi cance given the active role that the school played in helping Jewish refugees at
the time. Saint Felix is justi ably
proud of the role it played in
the Kindertransport programme, which enabled 10,000 children to escape almost inevitable death in the concentration camps and to make a new life, for the most part in the UK. This year, the senior department held a special assembly to re ect on that particular period in the school’s history.
WWII image from Saint Felix
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A project has been launched to
renovate the derelict Sunk Garden -
glory. The Prep Department youngCY CMY
gardeners made a start on weeding and clearing the area on Saint FelixK Day.
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