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21st anniversary year for ‘inside knowledge’ innovation Advertorial Feature
Helping students bridge the
divide between school and work
This is how Inside Knowledge was born. Fast forward a year and Janey’s legendary network had been put to work, assembling a team of successful, charismatic and devoted career specialists who would be the front line of the Inside Knowledge Mantra.
By allowing 14-18 year old students access to a ‘Career Taster Workshop’ or ‘Skills Masterclass’ in their school, run by these experts, the students would now have instant access to workplace expertise and advice.
Now, 20 years on from Janey’s 1997 lightbulb moment, Inside Knowledge has carefully and successfully become a part of the UK’s educational and training landscape. It has not just survived,
but thrived, and now has a large pool of professional experts who are on tap to run Career Workshops and Skills days in schools just
like yours. Her team are also experienced trainers who take time away from their professional roles to run exciting and inspiring career and skills workshops.
For 2 decades ‘IK’ has helped students build their con dence in Communication, Job Interviews, Leadership, Negotiation, Business and Enterprise Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management and Everyday Finance. In fact think of a life skills that you have had to call on, but wasn’t a formal part of your educational curriculum at school, and Janey’s team have delivered it.
To help get the job done Janey has developed a simple set of rules.
1. People learn by being actively involved in the subject being taught
2. It’s so important to create a learning environment where people will give their best to reach their full potential.
3. Life Skills are best taught by people who are expert practitioners of those skills.
4. There is almost no substitute for real world experience.
5. Trainers with true passion for their subject are instantly authentic and credible
As she starts her 3rd decade of inspiring work for schools, Janey re ects, “I can’t believe how quickly
20 years of Inside Knowledge has  own by. This has been the most ful lling and rewarding ‘work’ that I have ever done and the spark is still alight. How moving it is to hear that a student has ‘seen the light’ or “positively blossomed in front
of their peers”. I’ve been heartened to see real proof that “Learning
by doing always works”, especially when the skills are being taught by experienced trainers who also operate in the real world of work”.
Janey’s biggest challenge remains that no matter how many students are helped across that bridge from education to the world of work,
a new group arrives every year to take on the challenge. All they need to cross the divide is a little Inside Knowledge.
21 years ago, in rural Dorset, Janey Cecil found herself facing a bit of a problem. Her 3 children were  nishing school or about to complete university, and as a devoted parent she recognised that getting a job was about far more than the certi cates they had worked hard to earn. Her children attended good schools but there was still so much for them to learn, mainly about what the world expected from them once the  nal bell had rung.
This situation turned into a ‘lightbulb’ moment. Janey decided to start a company that would help schools and their students to take the real world tricks, skills,
and insights that students need, right into classrooms across the country. The ‘inside knowledge’ that we all carry with us about how jobs are won, kept and a career developed was exactly what she wanted to bottle and ship out to academic establishments everywhere.
What teachers say about Inside Knowledge
Communication Skills with COBRA Leadership, Time Management & Decision-making exercise –”Overall the workshops were GREAT, Very engaging and the amount of material covered was appropriate. The workshops were certainly worthwhile and of bene t to the pupils”. Brad eld College
Employability & Communication Skills – “Practical exercises were engaging for the boys. Great ideas conveyed well. The Trainer’s delivery was excellent, fast and succinct. I have also learnt more about communication and listening and will impact my work and family”. Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
Power of Personal Communication –
“I found the information transferable to planning lessons and encouraging engagement. This is a very valuable workshop which highlighted many of the skills required to achieve in life”. Red Maids’ School
Intercultural Careers Management Day – “Thank you – the day was fabulous. We have had some lovely feedback from the boys and Northwood College were equally impressed”. Merchant Taylor’s School, Northwood.
Leadership – Time Management – COBRA “The workshops were well delivered and challenging, the material covered seemed extensive and the students were pushed to deal with it, which was great! The Trainer’s delivery was excellent – feedback especially”. Worksop College
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