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Getting to the heart of politics
Visit to Number 10
Pocklington School, Yorkshire, Lower Sixth Form pupil Cameron Brown’s political ambitions received a boost when he was invited to a Downing Street reception by Prime Minister Theresa May.
Cameron, Chairman of Conservative Future for Beverley
and Holderness, chatted to Mrs May about how her success
has galvanised his own political ambitions.
He said: “We discussed how
she had inspired me to become even more involved in British Politics and how I must ‘keep the Conservative  ag  ying high,’
especially amongst the younger generations.”
Cameron’s Number 10 invite came after Mrs May’s unexpected elevation to Prime Minister last summer meant she had to cancel an appearance as guest speaker at the Beverley and Holderness Conservative Association Christmas Dinner.
As a gesture of regret about cancelling, she invited all the executives of the Association to a drinks reception at her new residence. Cameron was among those invited.
He said: “The  rst thing anyone should know about Downing Street is that it is not a palace or mansion; it’s a home and a very homely home. When you step across the threshold it feels like you’re just walking into your own house (apart from the magic door that opens without you touching it!).
“When walking down the corridor and past the cabinet room you start to feel the sense of history
in the building. But it all hits you when you step onto the grand staircase, with the portraits of all the British Prime Ministers looking at you as you walk past. Churchill, Heath, Thatcher, Brown and Blair (No Cameron yet!).”
He added: “Walking through the
White Room you imagine all the world leaders that have sat at this very table and discussed world issues. It was one of the most inspiring moments of my life and I’ll never forget it.”
Cameron, whose fellow-Sixth Formers are already tipping as
a future Prime Minister, says: “I have wanted to go into politics since the age of 10, and that has been cemented by my experiences. “Not everyone thinks a political life is a perfect life or one that should be sought, but if you
want genuine representatives in Government you need people who are committed, not bought.
“One of my favourite lines is: ‘You have never quit on the UK, and you deserve a Government who will never quit on you!’
Cameron has already met some
of the leading  gures in the Conservative Party, including Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who played with Cameron’s Apple watch while sitting next to him
at a lunch, and former minister Edwina Currie.
While on the Brexit Campaign trail, he met up with David Davis (Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union) and watched Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson deliver a speech.
Boris brings democracy to college
St. Helen’s College, Middlesex, pupils aged 3-11 were visited by The Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP, the Secretary
of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and
the Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip last month (February). Mr Johnson toured Lower School and took part in a Q&A session with pupils from Years 5 and 6, during
which he explained to them
what prompted him to become a politician (despite his childhood dream of becoming a rock
star), what a Foreign Secretary
actually does, why freedom of speech is important and how he was once mistaken for Donald Trump! Mr. Johnson spoke also of his achievements as Mayor
of London and of his hopes
and plans for the local area, including Hillingdon Hospital and Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre, which is used regularly
by the school and is under threat from HS2.
Finally, Mr. Johnson toured the grounds and buildings at Upper School, joining in with the Year 4 pupils who were practising their Sign2Sing song.
Pictured: (l to r) Mrs Teresa Stark (Deputy Head), Councillor Ray Puddifoot (whose grandson and granddaughter currently attend St. Helen’s College), Boris Johnson and Mrs Shirley Drummond (Head)
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