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were managed by hand. The collections had a tendency to become fragmented, and  nding images relied on memory – or a lengthy manual search. Moving to an electronic library allowed the pictures to be key-worded, searched and shared much more simply, and retaining central control over the library became far simpler. Third Light software can store, manage and retrieve photographic assets, PDFs and videos conveniently.
Tagging  les with metadata
for easy search and  nd
Content creators like photographers and videographers can upload  les from anywhere and easily tag  les and folders with metadata, so they can be found later, with a simple keyword search. A lot of their media tagging can be automated to save time. There are usually no  le size limitations to wrestle with, raw formats are supported and they can upload their media directly or via an FTP. Third Light’s platform not only stores and manages those  les, but also provides access for parents, so they can view school galleries and for pupils so they can showcase their work.
Sarah Gowens, Marketing Manager at Bishop’s Stortford College, says: “The software interface is user- friendly, so staff  nd it easy to navigate around the system and search for relevant images. It enables us to provide quickly an excellent view of school life to the parents as well as fellow teachers and pupils.”
Further to archives and media  les, teachers can also use the software to host and share educational materials, curriculum content, teaching resources, and online learning packages. Files can be uploaded, tagged, indexed and accessed from anywhere, and remain secure and backed-up as long as they’re in the system, which addresses the need for system security and reliability.
Giving users the ability to edit, share, collaborate and chat
Marketing teams are often key users of digital media libraries, as the functionality enables them to
manage marketing campaigns and promotional materials, including advertising, website content, social media, email campaigns,
PR and brand management. Users can share and compare media in
the system and use the real-time chat to collaborate and work with colleagues. They can publish and share links to media internally
and externally which provides an excellent way of working with
third party designers and printers. Version control prevents unnecessary confusion, ensures users are using the same logo and corporate templates, and offers the ability to control who can make changes. Overall, it gives media managers added control and peace of mind.
The software supports a wide
range of  le types, and comes with built-in manual and automatic editing tools for users with no creative experience. There’s no need to install any desktop software.
The image editing function allows you to resize images easily and download in different formats,
and set pre-de ned download
sizes and formats for speci c uses, like website thumbnails. You can recolour graphics for print, and even edit video.
Enabling live coverage of events for parents around the world
A growing, and perhaps more exciting application of Third Light’s software, is to enable live coverage of events, where images and video are captured, shared and published in real-time. This has given schools the opportunity to share live coverage of sports games, plays, concerts, school trips and awards with parents and families all over the world.
Any company still struggling
on without a centralised asset management system should really consider how much extra time and money they could save from using third Light’s integrated media library tools for management, storage, editing, sharing and collaborating.
If you think your school, college or University would benefit from using a centralised storage system for images, video and other digital media, please don’t hesitate to You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial by visiting
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Main features and bene ts
of Digital Asset Management
• Version control
• Brand management
• Image editing and format conversion
• Video editing and clipping
• File reformatting and resizing
• Multi-channel sharing
• Approval paths and work ows
• Instant search and  nd with meta-data tagging
• Real-time chat for internal and external users
• Seamless integration with other internal applications
• User access, editing and rights administration
• Usage reports
• Hosted, secure storage

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