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Digital Asset Management in Education:
Third Light’s answer to a growing problem
Third Light’s digital
media library is a fast, feature-rich, digital asset management tool. You can organise, tag,  nd, share, edit and download all
your digital  les quickly, easily and securely. Online chat and share supports centralised, collaborative working with internal teams and external partners. You can convert formats, trace copyright, protect and distribute  les. Cloud-based or licensed solutions are available with free, seamless updates and optional API. With Third Light’s software, you can have unlimited users and it supports industry standards.
The concept of Digital Asset Management may still be fairly alien to many schools and Universities, but the bene ts
are enormous. If those bene ts can be made clear, then it
follows that more schools will
see that investing in a good  le management solution, or digital media library, is well worth the investment. The  rst part is understanding the key issues surrounding  le management faced by educational organisations today. Broadly, they are:
• The growing number of  les including:
• archives
• marketing media and collateral • school galleries
• pupil’s work
• departmental publications • curriculum content
• Uncoordinated  le storage across systems, networks and personal folders
• The need to share content with pupils, staff, parents and marketing agencies
• The need to organise, tag and retrieve  les quickly and easily • The increasing need and rising
cost of storage and back-up
• System security, reliability and
integration with other software • Adhering to data protection issues
Russ Baum, Director of Studies
at King’s School, Worcester says: “Image storage in schools is problematic. There is a better way of archiving all of the rich material we generate so it can be mined easily, and on a platform that allows for outreach exposure.”
Centralising image
archives and digital files
Third Light’s software
can overcome the issue of uncoordinated  le storage by providing a platform on which to archive, manage and centralise
all digital  les. Many schools and Universities have extensive image archives as well as their growing library of current visual content, and increasingly have the need
to provide further functionality so they can distribute, re-purpose and re-use those  les.
Rebecca Bowerman from the Marketing Department at Anglia Ruskin University reports: “The Third Light software saves us hours of searching and sorting through pictures. The system is intuitive
to use, it works from all our campuses, and gives us excellent control over how images are used. The platform is easy to interact with, very immediate, functional and innovative. The time saved and ease of access makes it great value for money.”
Like many large marketing departments, Anglia Ruskin had accumulated image stocks on CD-ROMs, in collections that
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