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Registration of Schools
Teaching Dyslexic Pupils
Gives parents choice.
Every School on the CReSTeD Register
has been assessed for SpLD (Dyslexia) provision.
Schools are revisited every 3 years
to ensure standards are being maintained.
We offer:
For your school: a visit by an SpLD Expert to assess your provision.
For parents: a free Register of Schools accredited for their Learning Support Provision...
Contact CReSTeD via email:
Registered charity no. 1052103
Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils
Why join the CReSTeD register - and the procedure to do so
CReSTeD’s main activity is to maintain a “Register of Schools” which provide teaching provision for pupils with Speci c Learning Dif culties (SpLD). This information is supplied free of charge to parents and those who are responsible for choosing a child’s education. Independent schools with competency in this important area are well advised to apply to join.
Registration procedure is simple. In a nutshell: the school  lls in a form, gathers a few pieces
of information, send it to CReSTeD in time for a consultant to prepare for a visit. The consultant visits and completes their report, the report is reviewed by our Pre-registration Committee and by Council and, hopefully, the school is approved.
During the visit the consultant will need to speak to at least six pupils with SpLD of different age groups. This visit should take place either in the library or over lunch, with other people present but not included in the conversation.
When organising the visit, teachers should feel free to put aside some time to ask consultants
questions. All consultants have years of experience which they are happy to share.
The consultant will provide the Head Teacher with a summary of their observations at the end of the day, allowing both parties the opportunity to clarify details.
The consultant will send the completed visit report for agreement and signature. Should there be any irresolvable points Council will make the  nal decision.
The completed report is considered  rst
by the Pre-Registration Committee (a peer review committee which consists of Head Teachers of schools on the Register). Their recommendations go to Council for a  nal decision. On inclusion in the Register schools are asked to make the CReSTeD report available to parents if requested.
On acceptance for inclusion in the Register you will be invoiced by CReSTeD for the annual registration fee, or a proportion if it is not a
full academic year, which must be paid before your school will be included in the Register. You will receive a Certi cate of Registration within two weeks of paying your fees. From the 1st September 2016 the Annual Registration Fee is £560 per annum for schools in the Independent Sector. The Annual Registration Fee covers the costs of all future routine re-registration visits.
The CReSTeD website and material available to download will be updated immediately to include summary information for the school. The next printed edition of the Register will include an entry for the school.
The  nal report will be made available to download on the CReSTeD website alongside links to the most recent Ofsted or Estyn and/or ISI reports, to help parents make an informed decision.
Once a school is CReSTeD registered, it is entitled to use the CReSTeD logo on its letterhead, prospectus and other marketing materials.
Email or visit
Museum exhibits art work
An exhibition recently held at Arundel Museum featured work from the pupils at Slindon College, Sussex. The exhibition focussed
on creativity and expression and showcased a selection of high quality work produced from the lower school, GCSE and A level pupils.
The school specialises in supporting boys with additional educational needs such as dyslexia, AD(H)D, and mild ASD and the whole school ethos is to allow
freedom of expression, explore possibilities, and most importantly encourage the boys to develop their self-esteem and promote this exploration in a safe and nurturing manner. The pupils were
delighted to see their individual work as a collection on display
in a professional environment. Suzanne Evans, Education Of cer at the Museum said “ I am amazed by the very high standard of work produced by the students – it is truly inspirational”
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