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Strictly safety for your dancing students
There is no set demographic to those who now choose to spend their Saturday nights at home, revelling
in the talent, glitz and glamour
of dance television shows, on one channel or another. What is for sure it that these programmes have played a major part in the huge increase in those taking an interest in dance, especially the young.
Students and parents alike want
to see dance lessons high on the agenda at school and, as it’s a perfect opportunity to encourage exercise, it has become a key feature in the P.E. curriculum in schools. The problem is that the regular
sports  oor that you’ll  nd in school gymnasiums and halls can be damaging for students if used for dance.
Harlequin has for many years worked with healthy dance experts, such as orthopaedic surgeon and previous President of the International Association for Dance Medicine
and Science, Dr Boni Rietveld, and through such collaboration has acquired an unrivalled high level of expertise in this  eld.
Harlequin has helped to prove an indisputable link between quality of  oor and injury, showing that an unyielding surface can lead to
a variety of ankle and shin stress related injuries. Should we then expect our children to dance on
an unsuitable  oor? Choosing the correct  oor for dance is important for health, safety and artistic performance and whether it’s for the world’s leading dance companies
or classes in school, the same fundamental criteria should apply.
Of course, not every school will enjoy the luxury of a dedicated dance studio, which in an ideal world would be a combination of a sprung  oor and a vinyl dance  oor surface. But there is another solution that Harlequin offer; roll-out dance
 oors that can be removed and stored when that space is required for another purpose.
Harlequin understands that schools come in all different shapes and sizes so it doesn’t operate with a ‘one-size- ts-all’ policy. Instead it offers a range of Dance Education packs including a portable sprung  oor option designed in accordance with teaching guidelines as required by the curriculum. Harlequin’s solutions can also cater for other styles of dancing such as street,
hip hop and tap, as well as more traditional styles like ballet and contemporary.
Find out the best solution for your school by speaking to Harlequin  oor experts. Freephone 0800 28 99 32 or email enquiries@harlequin
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